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1. Draft Dates
Rounds 1-3 of the 2016 HFNHL Entry Draft will be held LIVE on Saturday, June 18 at 10AM EST (7AM PST.) The results of the live rounds of the draft will be posted (as an Excel file in the Yahoo "Files" section) shortly after the conclusion of Saturday's activities.

Rounds 4-7 are not held live – GMs are required to submit a draft list for those rounds (destination TBD) by 11:59 PM EDT on Thursday, June 23rd. While it is acceptable for a list to simply state "Choose the highest NA player available from the CSB rankings", a more detailed list is ALWAYS preferred. Lists should be sent to Brock Otten at AND Sean Keogh at

2. Live Draft Location
The draft will be held in the HFNHL's chat room on the HipChat app ( ). The chat room will also be open prior to the draft for teams wishing to discuss trades (in fact, in past years there has been significant chat activity in the days leading up to the draft). We advise that all GMs take the opportunity to check into the chat room at some point in the days prior to the draft to ensure you can connect.

3. Responsibility of GMs
IF YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ATTEND, you must submit a list detailing your preferred selections (Email to Brock Otten at AND Sean Keogh at no later than 11:59 PM (EDT) on Friday, June 17th. You may give another GM written permission to draft for you, in the form of an e-mail to the Commissioner cc’d to your delegate.

However, it is still *strongly* suggested that you provide a draft list, as you will be held responsible should the designated GM fail to attend and draft for you. (Frankly, it’s recommended that all GMs submit a list or instructions – even if they plan to attend - as a precaution in the event of unforeseen complications, such as connection issues, car accident, a giant asteroid hitting the earth, etc.).

Please note that Assistant GMs must also receive permission to make selections for their team, via advance notification to the Commissioner. In the event that the Commissioner is himself unable to attend the draft, another league member will be appointed to handle draft instructions, etc.

4. Failure to Fulfill GM Responsibilities
Short of regularly submitting lines, there's nothing more vital to a GM's duties than participating in the entry draft. Should you fail to have your team represented at the live draft, either in person or through clear instructions provided on time, you will face termination from your GM position. The same is true of failure to submit instructions regarding rounds 4-7 of the draft (even if you decide to forgo your remaining picks, you must do so through active instruction, not default).

Picks for absent teams will be made based upon the CSB skater rankings (NA player will be chosen in the event of a tie with a Euro player in the rankings). *Remember: any GM who does not show and make no arrangements for their draft will forfeit their team*.

5. Draft Eligibility – General
Prospects eligible to be drafted include those on the CSB final rankings ( ). More generally, all North American players born on or between January 1, 1994 and September 15, 1996 who have not already been drafted by an HFNHL team (North American players with birthdates in 1992 or prior are Unrestricted Free Agents, assuming of course that their rights are not already held by another HFNHL team, and will be available to be signed during the Free Agency period that takes place later in the summer).

International players must be born between January 1, 1992 and September 15, 1996 (you can no longer draft overage Europeans). Simplest way to sort out if an International player (who has played in NA) should be considered under the NA or International draft eligibility criteria is as follows:

- If *not* already drafted by an NHL team, base it on where they played this past season
- If already drafted by an NHL team, base it on where they were playing in the season prior to being drafted by the NHL.

6. Draft Eligibility – NHL vs. HFNHL
Be aware that there are several players that are still available to be drafted in the NHL (or are shown as eligible on the 2013 CSS Draft list) that have already been drafted in the HFNHL. The reverse is also true: players drafted in the NHL may not have been drafted in the HFNHL.

A review of the final CSB list to indicate those listed players that have already been drafted has been provided HERE, but it is not guaranteed to be 100% complete, so it is ultimately up to the individual GM to determine whether the player they wish to draft is in fact available. *Picks made on players who have already been drafted will be forfeited.*

7. Draft Eligibility – Opt-outs
Prospects are no longer able to opt-out of the entry draft any player with a birthdate in the window is eligible. For unranked players, it is up to the GM to provide evidence that the player’s birth-date makes them eligible.


1. Sharks #
2. Capitals
3. Lightning
4. Hurricanes from Ducks
5. Hurricanes
6. Jets
7. Stars
8. Senators
9. Penguins
10. Coyotes
11. Bruins
12. Sabres
13. Blackhawks
14. Islanders
15. Oilers
16. Panthers from Devils
17. Wild
18. Flames
19. Ducks from Flyers
20. Predators
21. Maple Leafs
22. Canadiens
23. Red Wings *
24. Rangers *
25. Kings *
26. Lightning from Avalanche *
27. Panthers from Blue Jackets +
28. Canucks +
29. Blues @
30. Islanders from Panthers **

~ First Round Only
# Lottery winner
* Division winner
+ Conference Finals runners up
@ Stanley Cup runner up
** Stanley Cup Champion