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Sabres Win! Sabres Win! - 6/2/2006
It was always there. The players could sense it, the media could sense it, and judging by the lack of a sellout in a stanley cup final, the fans could sense it too. There would be no stopping the Sabres this season. ... [more]

Jackets against the wall - 6/1/2006
CD - Buffalo - "He couldn't believe his eyes", a source reports of Columbus Head Coach Mike Babcock's reaction during last night's loss to Buffalo. "He worked up new lines to challenge the Sabres' shooters, and they practiced them that morning, but come game-time the players went right back to their old combinations. ... [more]

Sabres staring destiny in the face - 6/1/2006
The looks on the faces in the dressing room of the Columbus BlueJacket players said it all. They had no answers, and, after changing line combinations in order to shake things up, their coach had none either. Listening to the way jackets players were talking (even the more experienced ones) the team sounded like it was hanging on to a faint glimmer of hope by the thinnest of threads. ... [more]

It's all about Hartnell and Soul - 5/31/2006
Forget about the ranting and raving that Jackets coach Mike Babcock did in wake of his sides 3-2 game 3 loss in OT. If he was less worried about the referees, and a little more focused on what was going on out there, he'd be hatching a plan to stop that near perfect 2nd unit of the Buffalo Sabres. ... [more]

Jackets Coach Facing League Fine... - 5/30/2006
CD - Buffalo - The so-called "Erie series" got a little ugly this night as the Stanley Cup Finals moved to Buffalo for game 3. The Sabres came out gunning at home, clearly intent on setting the tone and pace for the game. Just a few minutes into the opening frame, one of the Columbus Blue Jackets' leading scorers, Jeremy Roenick, was run into the boards on a questionable hit by Brooks Orpik. ... [more]

Jackets win Stanley Cup opener... - 5/28/2006
Henrik Sedin was elevated to hero status with Columbus fans for beating Thibault at 4:48 of the second overtime, with the Jackets' 37th shot. The Sabres proved yet again, however, that they have the edge on special teams, going 1-for-2 and blanking hte Jackets on three penalties. The Jackets will have to continue their disciplined play in order to keep winning. ... [more]

Flyers Announce Changes, Availability... - 5/28/2006
(HFAP) After a disappointing end to their playoffs, the Flyers announced that the team will be looking to deal the following players: 1. Ray Whitney - excellent regular and playoff season so far for the little forward. 2. Anton Volchenkov - A GM favourite but he knows he has to deal from strength and wants a quality RW in return.."You have to give quality to receive quality." ... [more]

Do you believe it now? - 5/27/2006
It's official, the Sabres will face the Columbus BlueJackets in the Stanley Cup Finals. Culminating a rivalry that started some 4+ years ago when Rookie GM Joshua Pitt and HFNHL veteran GM Douglas Emerson were locked in a battle for the #1 pick. On that occasion, the Sabres won, and selected Jay Bouwmeester with the #1 pick. ... [more]

Cinderella Sabres getting that feeling... - 5/26/2006
5-1. Not the scoreline expected in a crucial game 5 after 3 of the first 4 games were decided in OT. especially after a game 4 4-1 result going the other way, but that's exactly what happened last night. The Sabres didn't just sneak by the Flyers, they flat out blew by them ... [more]

Jackets benefitting from balanced attack - 5/25/2006
CD - Columbus - The Columbus Blue Jackets will hope to secure their first Western Conference title tonight at home, as they host San Jose for Game 5 of a series Columbus leads 3-1. The Jackets took a commanding lead in the series with a 6-2 win in San Jose last night. ... [more]

Sharks GM Sounds Off After Loss - 5/24/2006
San Jose, California - GM David Astles was visibly frustrated with his teams Game 4 performance losing by a score of 6-2 at home. "What the &*!% was that? All I know is that sure wasn't hockey" shouted the GM during a post-game interview. ... [more]

Belfour Wins in Return - 5/24/2006
Hampered by a sore shoulder, Eddie Belfour watched game 3 from the bench. If the Flyers had won the game, Belfour would have probably sat game 4 but with Philly falling behind 2-1 in games, Belfour ignored his sore shoulder and game back to help his team take game four, 4-1 and tie the series 2-2. ... [more]

OT Series continues to impress - 5/24/2006
Game 3, and another game decided by OT between the Sabres and the Flyers. after losing the 1st game 2-1 in OT, the Sabres have turned it around to take games 2 and 3 by a score of 3-2 in OT. Returning to Buffalo after doing the hard work to tie up the series on the road, the Sabres jumped out early through a Rick Nash goal. ... [more]

OT night in the HFNHL - 5/19/2006
Both the Sabres/Flyers and Sharks/Jackets series needed OT to determine winners tonight. It was actually the second straight game that went into an extra frame for the Flyers and Sabres, and this time it was the Sabres coming out on top 3-2 at 4:56 of the first overtime period on a goal by Tuomo Ruutu - his second of the game, and eighth of the playoffs. ... [more]

Flyers Escape With Win - 5/18/2006
In front of a capacity crowd of 19,511, the Flyers took game 1 at home tonight. The tone was set early with a thunderous 1st shift hit by Mike Fisher. The hit established early momentum for the Flyers as they outplayed Buffalo in a scoreless first. ... [more]

Blues Off-season Report - 5/18/2006
Despite advancing to the second round of the playoffs and making the final eight for the fourth consecutive year – the only team in the HFNHL to have accomplished this – the bottom line is that everyone in the Blues organization considers the results this year a major disappointment. ... [more]

Offseason Moves projected for Bruins - 5/18/2006
Boston (AP): After the Bruin's unexpected exit in the second round of the HFNHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, rumours have leaked out from the organization that a number of players in the organization are available for trade. GM Kruegs is considering offers on all players, although he has cautioned that no one will be moved for the sake of change. ... [more]

Sharks Liking New Jacket - 5/17/2006
Columbus, Ohio - On the eve of Game 1 of the Western Conference Final the Sharks are pleased to be facing a tough Columbus squad. "We know no matter who we play it is going to be a difficult series, if you get this far you deserve to be here, theres no ifs ands or buts about it" stated Peter Forsberg ... [more]

Sabres Celebrate Cautiously... - 5/17/2006
With a thrilling 4-3 double overtime win on home ice, the Buffalo Sabres eliminated the Boston Bruins in 6 games, shocking the NHL as much as any team has all-season. First there was the Devils. An impressive 112 points on the season (some 22 more than Buffalo) seemed to count for little as the Sabres turned a 2-1 defecit into a 4-2 series win with hard work ... [more]

On The Fly - Playoff Edition - 5/15/2006
Two Surprises In One The Flyers defeat of the Washington Capitals was a surprise to a few but the Buffalo Sabres beat-down on the NHL’s top regular season team astonishing to all. The Bruins looked unbeatable most of the year but the Sabres had all the answers in their matchup. ... [more]

Offseason of Discontent - 5/15/2006
The St. Louis Blues will have a team meeting tomorrow morning and then clean out their lockers, some for the last time. In the wake of their humiliating elimination by the Columbus Blue Jackets, there will be changes -- if not in management, then certainly among the players. ... [more]

Sharks Aren't Counting Their Chickens - 5/14/2006
San Jose, California - The Sharks are feeling very lucky right now, they could have sworn they had a deja-vu earlier in the week with another Game 2 at the Shark Tank. The only thing about this deja-vu was that it ended with a double overtime win and not a regulation loss. ... [more]

Blues trounce Jackets in St. Louis - 5/13/2006
CD - Columbus - The St. Louis Blues put the boots to a listless Columbus squad last night in St. Louis, thrilling the capacity 21,000 crowd with a 4-0 win. For the third (or fourth, depending on how you're counting) game in this series, Columbus got off to a slow start and were dominated in the first period, outshot 14-4. ... [more]

Upstart Sabres take 2-1 lead... - 5/13/2006
After tying up the series at 1-1 with a win in Boston, the Buffalo Sabres took command of the series with a 2-1 win over the Bruins. Jocelyn Thibault again starred for the underdogs, Stopping 35 of 36 shots last night, and almost single handedly carried the team on his back. ... [more]

Devils season comes to early close... - 5/10/2006
The New Jersey Devils knew goaltending may be an issue going into the 2005-6 season. While they were able to survive the regular season with Kevin Weekes, this weakness doomed them in the post season. In a rant reminiscent of John Tortorella, general manager Rich Epstein had this to say.... ... [more]

Bruins Withstand Sabre Attack - 5/10/2006
Boston (AP ): With a strong rally in the 2nd period and a concerted effort to stave off a dangerous Sabre attack in the 3rd, Boston defeated Buffalo 4-3 to take a 1-0 lead in the conference semi-final series. "They came out firing on all cylinders in the first period scoring two goals and playing a fast, physical game. ... [more]

Jackets edge Blues to open Conf Semi's - 5/10/2006
CD -- Columbus - Maybe it was rust after finishing off their first-round opponents early, but the Jackets started last night's opener in their second-round series with St. Louis as though they were still on break. ... [more]

Wild wins Game 1; have won 5 straight - 5/10/2006
In San Jose last night, the Minnesota Wild, in their first ever second round series, rallied from a 3-1 deficit with 10 minutes to go to defeat the San Jose Sharks 4-3 in overtime on Bill Houlder's first goal in overtime. ... [more]

Blues Face Top Seeded Jackets - 5/9/2006
(AP) Columbus: With both teams healthy and rested, the Western conference semi-final kicks off this evening with the St. Louis Blues visiting the top seeded Columbus Blue Jackets. It is a roll reversal for the Blues, who were the top seed in the Western Conference the last two seasons. ... [more]

Cloutier en fuego! - 5/7/2006
Dan Cloutier sent a raucus crowd home happy as he shut out the Wings for the 2nd straight night, 2-0. After playing some poor hockey the 1st three nights, the Wild have put the clamps on and allowed just 2 goals the last three nights. ... [more]

Wild live to fight another day - 5/6/2006
Dan Cloutier was perfect in net and that offensive machine Eric Cairns netted the game winner in overtime as the Minnesota Wild shut out the Wings 1-0 and kept their season going. After sleepwalking through the first 3 games, all Red Wings wins, the Wild have won 2 in a row and go back to Minnesota down 3-2. ... [more]

Blues Knock Off Oilers... - 5/6/2006
(AP) Edmonton: The Blues put on the hard hats for this one. In a rematch from last year’s thrilling first round series that went seven games, the Blues emerged victorious once again over the Oilers, this time with a much more efficient and less dramatic four games to one victory. ... [more]

Calder Candidate Frolov leads Sabres - 5/5/2006
Going into the opening round series with the New Jersey Devils, the Buffalo Sabres looked likely to make a relatively quick exit. However after last nights win at home, the Sabres haven managed to tie up the series at 2 games apiece. ... [more]

Mandatory practice ordered for the Wings - 5/4/2006
While most teams would give their players a day off after taking a 3-0 series lead that is not the case for the Wings. "We've won almost in spite of ourselves' said GM Niece. "Our PP record is horrible, we really floated through the last two periods of yesterday's game, and simply put some players are not carrying their fair share of the load. This is the playoffs and that sort of lazy effiort is unacceptable, our players need to learn that and fast." ... [more]

Trade winds blowing in Dallas? - 5/4/2006
DALLAS, Texas. (AP) - An inside source within the Dallas Stars organization has revealed that GM Laurens Thie is burning up his new phone with trade talks. Rumors flying from the Stars head office is that Thie is breaking in his new phone quickly. ... [more]

Armstrong re-signs with Tampa - 5/3/2006
(AP) Detroit: With the regular season coming down the home stretch and the western playoff teams all jockeying for position, two long-time division rivals locked horns last night in the front end of what could prove to be a rather nasty home and home series. ... [more]

Jackets/Hawks rivalry moves... - 5/3/2006
CD - Chicago - The Central Division rival Blue Jackets and Blackhawks move their see-saw battle to Chicago after splitting the first two games of their first-round series in Columbus. The first two games reinforced the parity between the two teams that was established during the regular season. ... [more]

Garnett Exelby/Mike Ribeiro Available? - 5/3/2006
Rumours out of Florida suggest that now that the Panthers season is finished, GM Otten has started exploring some trade options to try and improve the team for next year. The biggest rumour out of Florida has Otten looking to move young bone crushing defenseman Garnett Exelby. ... [more]

Markov injured, Bruins juggle lines - 5/3/2006
Boston (AP): Controversy over a vicious hit on Danny Markov filled the streets of Beantown after news was leaked to the press that he would be out for an undisclosed number of games due to an upper-body injury. Markov was hit from behind by Stephane Yelle while attempting to clear the puck along the boards. ... [more]

Dallas GM blows gasket... - 5/2/2006
DALLAS, Texas. (AP) - News out of the American Airlines Center is that Dallas GM is livid after learning that his team slipped into the 4th slot for the upcoming draft this June. "We just can't get any breaks around here for (expletive removed) sakes! It's a travesty! ... [more]

Flyers Struggle in Victory - 5/2/2006
(HFAP) The Flyers know they have to play better and more disciplined hockey if they want to survive the series against a powerful Senator lineup. The team knows it was lucky to win 5-4 in overtime in the 1st game of the series. ... [more]

Playoff Game 1 Reviews - 5/1/2006
Lightning 1 - 3 Bruins - Bruins were lucky to get out of this one. The Lightning came out hard in more ways than one. 4 penalties in the first 10 minutes did not help their cause. If it wasn't for the ineptitude of the Bruins PP, the score would have been a blow out. Some commendations should go to Lightning tender, Curtis Joseph for keeping the Bolts in the game. ... [more]

HFNHL Playoff Preview - 5/1/2006
The Eastern Conference - With the top all but locked up after the first week of the season, the real race in the East was for the final spot, and it went to the lucky Tampa Bay Lightning after a hard fought playoff race. Here are the match-ups for the first round, and predictions. ... [more]

Wings vs. Wild - Tale of the tape - 5/1/2006
All of Detroit is a buzz as the motor city prepares for game one of a series that is too close to call. Here’s a look at some of the numbers. Despite these relatively equitable numbers there are some subtle advantages for Detroit: (i) While the goals for are equal the source of the goals varies significantly. ... [more]

Nashville Predators Season Review - 4/30/2006
The Nashville Predators season came to an end Friday night with a win against division rivals St. Louis Blues. The Predators showed a strong performance in the 2nd period, limiting the Blues to only 4 shots and scoring 3 goals. ... [more]

Columbus Reg. Season Wrap-up - 4/29/2006
The Blue Jackets are taking a rest day today to celebrate their most successful regular season in franchise history - a 53-win, 118-point 1st place finish in the Western Conference standings, despite playing in what is widely regarded as the toughest division in the league. ... [more]

Panthers Season Comes to a Close - 4/29/2006
The 2005-06 HFNHL season came to a close with a 2-0 win against the Detroit Red Wings on Friday night. While the win against the Wings closes the season on somewhat of a light note, it doesn't offset the fact that the Panthers failed to make the playoffs despite holding a position for nearly the entire season. ... [more]

Bertuzzi Wins Art Ross Trophy - 4/28/2006
The league is expected to announce that Todd Bertuzzi has won the Art Trophy for being the league top scorer. Todd Bertuzzi and Peter Forsberg finished with identical point totals of 98 points but Bertuzzi’s 41 goals was 9 more than Forsberg’s, which breaks the tie breaker. ... [more]

Bruins Finish in the Record Books - 4/27/2006
The Boston Bruins put down the Minnesota Wild tonight 4 goals to 1, tying the 2004 Senators for the all-time HFNHL record number of wins at 59, but blowing out the least number of losses for a season record at only 14. ... [more]

"Its in our hands" - 4/25/2006
That was the answer that team captain Mario Lemieux gave when the Florida press asked him after the game against Florida Panthers if Tampa Bay would reach the playoffs this season. The game against Florida was not only one of the last regular season games for the season but it was also a very important game for both teams... ... [more]

St. Louis downs Detroit, despite Goonery - 4/22/2006
(AP) Detroit: With the regular season coming down the home stretch and the western playoff teams all jockeying for position, two long-time division rivals locked horns last night in the front end of what could prove to be a rather nasty home and home series. ... [more]

Preds enjoy strong finish, but fall to Avs - 4/22/2006
Despite an overall bad season, the Nashville Predators can finish their season with their heads up. Wins against powerhouses St. Louis Blues, Columbus Blue Jackets and Detroit Red Wings are a strong indication for what to expect next season. ... [more]

On the Fly - 4/18/2006
After earning the $2.5 million PowerAide Deal earlier in the year, the Flyers home win tonight against Buffalo has secured the franchise the Ford Motor Company deal worth $3.0 million. In addition to those deals the team has all but secured the $2.0 million Radio Broadcast deal... ... [more]

Bruins looking to beat another record - 4/18/2006
Boston(AP): The San Jose Sharks set the HFNHL points record back in the 2001-2002 season - they finished the regular season with 123 pts. The 2005-2006 Boston Bruins are currently sitting at 117 pts., and they have 7 games remaining. ... [more]

Playoff Races Heat Up - 4/15/2006
CD - Columbus - Nationwide Centre - The HFNHL Playoff races are getting so hot league officials are worried about their effect on ice conditions. In the East, the Bruins and Capitals have won their respective divisions, and the Devils have all but sewn up the Atlantic. There will be jockeying amongst the middle of the pack teams to see who else can earn home-ice advantage, with several challengers in and around the 90-point mark. ... [more]

Wings looking in the rear view mirror - 4/10/2006
In a conference as tight as the West, playing .500 hockey just doesn’t cut the mustard and as a result the Wings have been watching other teams behind them narrow the gap. While the central division teams have continued to beat up on one another, and some may argue have faced a tougher schedule, teams like San Jose, Edmonton, Minnesota, and Anaheim have come on strong. ... [more]

Sharks Pick Up a Pair of Wins... - 4/9/2006
San Jose, California - San Jose seems to be finding its groove just at the right time. Game one saw the Sharks defeat the Carolina Hurricanes 5-1. The Hurricanes are currently in dog fight with the Panthers, Canadiens, Lightning and the slowly slipping Thrashers for the final playoff spot in the east. ... [more]

Oil Clinch Playoff Spot - 4/9/2006
With 10 games remaining, Edmonton has already sealed its place in the 2006 HFNHL Playoffs. Despite missing forwards Patrik Stefan (day-to-day) and Rob Niedermayer (3 weeks), the Oil squad easily took care of the struggling Rangers. Stefan, who was the teams 2nd line center, has been replaced by Ryan Malone and the move seems to be working out. ... [more]

Sharks Clinch Berth; Knock-off Bruins - 4/7/2006
San Jose, California - The Sharks have done what most expected them to do, clinch a berth in the 2006 HFNHL playoffs. The most impressive part of the feat was that they did it with a 2-0 shutout win versus the league best Boston Bruins. ... [more]

Panthers Gear Up For the Home Stretch - 4/5/2006
With the HFNHL regular season on it's last legs, the Florida Panthers look to finish out the season among one of the Eastern Conference's eight playoff teams. The Panthers have had a hold of the 8th spot in the East for a majority of the season, but with 14 games left, the 8th spot is ultimately up for grabs. ... [more]

Big night out West - 4/5/2006
With the 8 playoff spots essentially wrapped up, it's all about jockeying for position. Tonight 6 of the 8 likely playoff teams go head-to-head. #1 Columbus host #4 Detroit, #7 St Louis hosts #6 Chicago and the hottest team in the league, #8 Anaheim, winners of 12 in a row, visit #5 Minnesota. ... [more]

High Stick Catches Niedermayer's Foot - 4/2/2006
In what could possibly be the most bizarre event in recent HFNHL history, Rob Niedermayer's foot was injured on a high sticking call to the Lightning's Michael Nylander. "I don't know what I was thinking," Rob explained,... [more]

Tampa prospects on fire in SEL playoffs - 4/2/2006
Tampa Bay draftee 2004 Stefan Pettersson is on fire in the SEL playoffs. After 10 games he has scored 9 goals and 4 assist for 13 points and +5. Pettersson is just a few goals away from the playoff record in goals. Rumours mention that Tampa might offer Stefan Pettersson a two way contract as soon as the SEL playoffs are over. ... [more]

Clash of the Titans - 4/1/2006
One team has lorded over the Eastern Conference all season long. The other team is a once-fading Western Conference power that has been stripped down and rejuvenated by several deals made before the trade deadline. Tonight, the two hottest teams in the HFNHL will square off in Beantown - the Boston Bruins, who are currently in the midst of rewriting the record books with their unbeaten streak, and the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, winners of ten straight. ... [more]

Now or Never - 3/30/2006
Raleigh - When the Carolina Hurricanes come up against the LA Kings next at the RBC Center, it will be the start of their playoff push in earnest. Currently, they sit in 12th spot in the East and only 4 points behind 8th spot Thrashers. With less than 20 games left in the season, it is time for the Canes to show what they are made of. ... [more]

Predators with consecutive wins - 3/30/2006
Nashville Predators deadline acquisition Jani Hurme was eager to prove his worth for his new organization and was finally able to show an outstanding performance. Hurme's goaltending was the key for the 2-0 shutout win over the Washington Capitals. ... [more]

Wings prepare for key series... - 3/29/2006
Critics have temporarily been silenced in the motor city with the improved play of the team. The acquisition of Sean Burke and a few minor line tweaks has not only reversed the team’s free fall but has in fact allowed them to climb back to 4th spot in the Western conference. ... [more]

Penguins set new HFNHL record - 3/28/2006
League sources today confirmed that the Penguins have set a new low in high's by having hit the $1M level in penalties for not addressing injuries/recoveries. This is fairly impressive since a GM has at a minimum has 48 hours to correct their lineup from time of injury to a strike being applied and then requires 3 strikes before a financial penalty is applied. ... [more]

Cat Scratch Fever in Edmonton - 3/28/2006
Playing a Sub-500 team at home is usually a recipe for success, but the playoff hungry Florida team had another thing in mind. "Florida is one of those teams that's battling for a playoff spot, and with the addition of a healthy Daze they're that much tougher. We gotta put in a better effort tomorrow night in Florida...." ... [more]

Predators a factor in fight for playoffs - 3/27/2006
Even after trading away their best player Martin Biron to the New York Islanders, the Nashville Predators continue to be a pain for teams battling for the playoffs. Latest victims are the Tampa Bay Lightning and living legend Mario Lemieux. ... [more]

Thornton Out a Month - 3/24/2006
(AP) St. Louis: In what could not be worse timing for the team, the St. Louis Blues announced top player Joe Thornton could miss up to a month with a lacerated hand, suffered in a game last night against the Washington Capitals. ... [more]

Winged Wheel Warriors... - 3/23/2006
While the Wings home record has been mediocre at 12-12-5, last nights 1-0 shutout over the Capitals improved the team’s road record to 19-7-4. That translates to a .700 road record and guarantees Detroit will receive it’s $3M GM Motor Company award. ... [more]

Flyers' Litmus Test - 3/22/2006
(HAP) The Flyers' face the mighty Boston Bruins tonight at home, where Philly has struggled all year. The Flyers struggles at home has jeopardized one of the team's endorsement deals, but there are bigger stakes on the line tonight. ... [more]

Panthers Deadline Moves - 3/21/2006
The Florida Panthers made two moves at the deadline, and almost a third one. Strangely enough, the two moves made had no relevance to the current HFNHL season. They were made by GM Otten for reasons stritctly concerning the future of the franchise. ... [more]

Sabres acquire All-star Calibre D-man - 3/20/2006
With the deadline looming and the playoffs to be made, the Sabres made a last minute deal with long time trading partner, the Carolina Hurricanes. Looking to boost an ailing team since the departure of D-man Sergei Zubov (amongst others) Buffalo went out and acquired all-star D-man and former Calder trophy winner Bryan Berard. ... [more]

BLUES GM: Just get the job done - 3/20/2006
The St. Louis Blues didn't make a deal for a group of veteran players at the deadline to take the tean over the playoff hump because the club's GM believes he now has plenty of them. Yesterday, Nick Quain threw down a challenge to the Blues' young veterans: It's time to get the job done. ... [more]

Rig Shut Down for Deadline Sunday - 3/20/2006
As the current Western conference leader, Edmonton decided to sit tight and let the deadline pass without a deal. Going into the season, the Oilers were projected by most as a borderline playoff team and inside sources say Gledhill had the team pegged as a "6-8 team". ... [more]

Quiet deadline in Colorado - 3/20/2006
With the moves of Cujo and White a few weeks ago, Colorado had little to move at the deadline. Talks about bringing in a winger to shorten the re-build time amounted to nothing, as did talks about moving team scoring leader Tyler Arnason. ... [more]

Columbus' deadline shopping spree - 3/19/2006
CD - Columbus - The phones were busy at the Columbus Blue Jackets offices at Nationwide Arena today as teh HFNHL lurches towards the 2006 Trade Deadline. At the end of today's flurry of activity, the Jackets came away having completed three deals that will strengthen them for this season and next. ... [more]

Sharks Deadline Wrap-up - 3/19/2006
San Jose, California - There will be no JFJ syndrome in San Jose this year, as the Sharks have made some deals that look to improve the team now and in the future. The first deal was made at around 4pm EST, acquiring Chris Campoli from the Florida Panthers for Brad Richardson and Trevor Daley. ... [more]

Wild deals at the deadline - 3/19/2006
Minnesota, suffering a glut of injuries to their forwards (Sundin/Perreault/Lapointe) dealt for some help today. They dealt minor league defenseman Richie Regehr and a 2007 4th rounder to Florida for Martin Gelinas. They then dealt Bryan Muir and 6th rounders in '06 and '07 to Toronto for Alexander Karpotsev and Kip Miller. ... [more]

More Panthers News and Notes - 3/19/2006
Yesterday evening the Panthers were pleased to announce the acquisition of forward Eric Daze from the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. Going the other way to Anaheim were young defenseman Kevin Bieksa, checking forward Tom Kostopolous and goaltending prospect Julien Ellis. ... [more]

Nashville Press Conference - 3/18/2006
The Nashville Predators were able to address a gapping hole in their organization as the trade deadline is looming on the HFNHL horizon. The deal is still pending on league confirmation. Leaving the Nashville Predators were number one goalie Martin Biron and grinding winger Ville Nieminen. ... [more]

Islanders Welcome P. Bure to the team - 3/18/2006
News out of New York Islanders organization is that they have acquired P. Bure from Tampa Bay Lightning for T. Sunstrom and draft picks. This is what General Manager Hasnain Jessa had to say about this deal: I believe that Pavel Bure will help us a lot securing 2nd line RW and his scoring touch will definately help our 2nd line ... [more]

Carolina NCAA Prospect on Honours List - 3/18/2006
At the recent awards night throughout the various conferences, several Carolina Prospects were honoured. In WCHA, no Hurricane got individual awards but several made the all star team. In the All-WCHA first team, the recently acquired Bobby Goephert made the mark after singled-handedly carrying St Cloud State. ... [more]

Jackets ship out McEachern - 3/17/2006
CD - Columbus - With a scant few days left before the HFNHL trade deadline at which most figured the Western Conference-leading Blue Jackets to be buyers, they have instead turned seller, shipping out veteran winger Shawn McEachern to Washington for prospect defenceman Dan Jancevski and a draft pick. ... [more]

O'Donnell Sent Packing - 3/14/2006
(HFAP) The Rangers accounced on Tuesday morning that an agreement has been reached to send defenseman Sean O'Donnell to the Carrolina Hurricanes. Coming to New York in exchange are defenseman Josef Melichar, prospect defenseman Ole-Kristian Tollefsen, and prospect center Ben Walter. ... [more]

Flames acquire star defenseman - 3/14/2006
CALGARY: The Calgary Flames are serious about making the playoffs this season. They are determined not to finish 9th, their current position, in the conference for the 4th consecutive year. And so... the Flames have traded for offensive defenseman Brian Leetch to continue the push for a playoff spot. ... [more]

Panthers News and Notes - 3/14/2006
The Florida Panthers held a press conference this morning to announce a few events that have happened in recent days surrounding the team. The first being the completion of two trades. The Panthers have acquired Jaroslav Spacek from the San Jose Sharks in exchange for Lyle Odelein, a 2nd rounder and undisclosed cash. ... [more]

Predators prepare for Trade Deadline - 3/14/2006
After making several trades throughout the season to make the Nashville Predators "his" franchise, GM Tony Kapfenberger is looking forward to the trade deadline. "Today we aquired Ville Nieminen who i feel will be a very good fit for our team. We weren't too happy sending Mike Grier the other way because he has played very well for us ... [more]

Derek Armstrong leaving? - 3/12/2006
Rumours in Florida mention that since Tampa has failed to re-sign Derek Armstrong he might be leaving the team by the trading deadline next week. Armstrong, age 32 and rated 71 is currently Tampas 4th center and his salary is only 225.000$. GM Martin Sedin denied all comments regarding Derek but he said that everyone is on the block but Daniel Sedin. ... [more]

Swapping Goalies - 3/11/2006
The Flyers’ rolled the dice this week trading Dominik Hasek, Dan Focht and several draft picks for Eddie Belfour and Chris Chelios. "We were happy with Dom but we just couldn’t keep him in the lineup enough. We wish him all the best," explained Flyers GM. "We feel we’ve upgraded our goaltending but we’ll see how the team responds to Eddie back there." ... [more]

Another Duck Takes Flight - 3/11/2006
Just as the bad puns keep on coming, so do the significant trades. On Friday, the Mighty Ducks announced that they had traded All-Star winger and leading goal scorer Zigmund Palffy, along with a draft pick, to the New Jersey Devils. The return on Ziggy? Spunky winger Pascal Dupuis, young goaltender Yann Danis, and prospect winger Tuomas Pihlman. ... [more]

Sharks Internet Has Been Hacked - 3/11/2006
San Jose, California - The San Jose Sharks have announced that one of their servers has been hacked so their prominence on the HFBoards may or may not be hindered because of this. The inability of the internet to perform could not come at a more inopportune time as the team was trying to make an announcement regarding one of their top defensemen. ... [more]

Devils make their move - 3/10/2006
Word out of the swamp has it that New Jersey has just traded Pascal Dupuis, Yann Danis, and Tuomas Pihlman to Anaheim for star RW Zigmund Palffy. Palffy is one of the top scorers in the league, but has been known to battle injury problems and is expected to retire at season't end as a result. GM Rich Epstein had this to say: ... [more]

Flyers To Move Right Wingers - 3/9/2006
(HFAP) The Philadelphia Flyers sent a fax out this afternoon letting every GM know that Scott Mellamby and/or Turner Stevenson are available on a best offer basis. At this point, the Flyers are mainly looking for draft picks, however, they may accept a veteran defenseman about to become an UFA. ... [more]

Columbus a buyer? - 3/9/2006
CD - Columbus - The first-place Blue Jackets got back in the win column with a victory over Calgary last night - the first of how many consecutive wins, fans are wondering. With the trade deadline approaching, there will be a lot of teams maneuvering for the playoffs - either buying or selling. It's a fair bet the Blue Jackets won't be selling, but they may be interested buyers. ... [more]

Wild re-sign Sturm - 3/9/2006
Minnesota GM Greg Dockus continues to lock up his youngsters as Marco Sturm put his John Hancock on a 3 year deal. Exact numbers aren't known, but it's expected to be between for a total of between $7-$8 million. "Marco is such a key for us. He was scheduled to be a UFA after next year, so we wanted to make sure we locked him up a for a few year and make sure he was fairly compensated." ... [more]

Hasek On The Block - 3/8/2006
(HFAP) The Flyers had hoped with the addition of Brent Johnson that their goalie situation would be resolved but Hasek continues to have different ailments that keep him out of consecutive games on a lot of nights. As a result, Hasek along with a the Flyers #1 pick have been offered to several GM's. ... [more]

Two Ducks Fitted For Different Wings - 3/8/2006
This morning, Ducks GM Matt Gledhill confirmed reports coming out of Detroit that LW Brian Rolston and G Sean Burke were traded to the Red Wings yesterday. In return for the two popular veterans, the Ducks received LW/C Todd White, G Jussi Markkanen, D Staffan Kronwall, and prospect winger Antti Miettinen. ... [more]

Big Trade or Big Headache? - 3/7/2006
It was confirmed today that GM Niece has made a significant trade with Anaheim. Coming to Detroit is Brian Rolston and Brian Burke in exchange for young promising players Antti Miettinen and Steffan Kronvall along with veterans Todd White and Jussi Markkannen. ... [more]

Lundmark issues trade request - 3/7/2006
CALGARY (CP): Jamie Lundmark is unhappy. So unhappy that the player refused to attend a pre-game skate today. So unhappy that the player has issued a request to the hfnhl's other 29 teams. "Please come and get me!" ... [more]

Big News in Edmonton - 3/7/2006
Broken earlier today in New York was that Doug Weight is returning to Edmonton. Critics of the franchise are finally taking a temporary hiatus. One fan responded "Well, we've been telling dip*&%# Gledhill for years to bring in a decent center. His response has always been, we've got good wings, we don't need a top centerman. ... [more]

Weight will be swimming in Oil - 3/7/2006
The New York Islanders are sad to announce that they have traded one of their best centre in Doug Weight to Edmonton Oilers in return for Oleg Kvasha, Correy Perry and 3rd round pick in 2006. When asked, why he would make such a trade especially when Islanders are so close to being a contention, the GM indicated that the trade was one the most difficult decision he had to make... ... [more]

Columbus All-Star Candidates - 3/6/2006
CD - Columbus - Nationwide Arena - The Columbus Blue Jackets enter the All-Star "break" coming off a record-setting 18-game win streak. That incredible run of games has taken what looked to be a vastly-underperforming .500 hockey club to the top of the western conference standings, and boosted the chances of several All-Star hopefuls in the process. ... [more]

Flyers Begin All-Star Campaigning - 3/5/2006
(HFAP) The Flyers released their team's list of nominations for the All-Star Game. "We're very proud of these players and their accomplishments thus far this year. Not much was expected from this team at the beginning of the year. ... [more]

Truth & Rumours: Swingstein on his... - 3/3/2006
Negotiations between high profile agent Reggie Swingstein and General Managers involved in the leagues administration have descended into near chaos over the inability to reach a compromise in a disputed trade deal involving a high profile, pending Unrestricted Free Agent. ... [more]

Flames Re-Sign UFA Axelsson - 2/28/2006
CALGARY (CP): The Calgary Flames are pleased to announce the signing of winger PJ Axelsson to a long term extension after a long and difficult negotiation. Brian Sutter, Flames coach, was happy that some of his core players are returning for the long term "PJ is amongst those players that I implored the GM to re-sign. ... [more]

Ducks GM: "$%#% Kenny Jonsson!" - 2/28/2006
That was Ducks GM Matt Gledhill's reaction upon finding out that "retired" blueliner Kenny Jonsson was named the Olympics' Best Defenseman by the IIHF directorate. "For those of you that think I might be overreacting, think about how much better our blueline would be with Kenny in our top six," Gledhill remarked at his morning press conference. ... [more]

Flames copy Flames - 2/28/2006
The HFNHL Calgary Flames would like to announce two trades, acquiring forward Shayne Corson and defenceman Cale Hulse (a week before the NHL Flames copied the move). The team is determined to make the playoffs and expect the aquisition of another centreman (for the third or fourth line) and another defenceman. ... [more]

Rumors on changes in the defense - 2/27/2006
Reports that a deal involving Colin White has been reached are comming in from several sources, but it has yet to be confirmed by any league or team officials. The return is said to be another move in getting younger and deeper. If the reports are true, this is a signal that starting goalie Curtis Joseph is also on his way out of Colorado. ... [more]

Florida Panthers Recent Surge - 2/26/2006
The recent moves look to be paying off for the Florida Panthers, as with a 7-3 record in their last 10 they have taken a firm grip over a playoff spot in the East. The Panthers currently sit in 8th, seven points up on the Habs and Bolts. They are also only two points out of 6th spot, held by Ottawa (with a game in hand). ... [more]

Toronto Maple Leaf Sleepers... - 2/25/2006
As the Leafs reach the middle of this hockey season tied with the Pens for last place in the eastern conference, fans in Toronto are starting to lay the blame. Like clock-work, every year Leaf fans start the season off with high hopes and open wallets, two quantities that the Leaf management will inevitably squander away as the year progresses. ... [more]

Bizzare foot injury to Turco... - 2/25/2006
Boston: The Bruins were forced to call an emergency session at the Rusty Bean early this morning as the news trickled in from St. Bean's Hospital that Marty Turco had severely bruised his...heel. Yes - his heel. An unusual injury to say the least. "I am quite shocked to be honest - this is a page right out of Spinal Tap. ... [more]

Modano cheers on win from Press Box - 2/23/2006
CD - Columbus The Jackets held on for a 2-1 win over the visiting Ottawa Senators tonight, with star center Mike Modano watching from the Press Box. The win extends their franchise-record winning streak to 13 games. Modano received a possible concussion in the Jackets' last game after a late hook sent him crashing into the boards at the Shark Tank in San Jose. ... [more]

Sharks Lock Up Elias - 2/23/2006
San Jose, California - The San Jose Sharks had a press conference this after noon to announce the signing of Top Line winger Patrick Elias to a 2-year deal, terms of the deal were not disclosed. "We are very excited to have Patrick locked up for the next couple of years, he is a very skilled player and fits well within our team" said GM David Astles at the press conference. ... [more]

Lights out in Detroit - 2/23/2006
Last night’s tie with the Islanders resulted in the Red Wings tying their franchise record 6 game winless streak. Since the trading of Olaf Kolzig and Wes Walz a few weeks ago the team, plain and simple, has looked horrible. Many have pointed their figures, maybe justifiably, at GM Niece... ... [more]

Sharks Win One; Lose Another - 2/22/2006
San Jose, California - In what was turning out to be a solid performance by the Sharks turned around in the 3rd as Pavol Demitra left the game with an apparent hip injury after a collision with Ed Jovanovski and is now day-to-day. A penalty was called on the play to San Jose's Ed Jovanovski for boarding... ... [more]

Truth and Rumours: Hawks Stunned... - 2/21/2006
The Blackhawks were stunned last night by the resurgent St. Louis Blues - falling 9-2 at Chicago Stadium. Two goals in the first twenty seconds of the third, both even strength markers, left Ty Conklin angry and critical of his teams performance. "We have relaxed of late, and the Blues have a high powered offence... ... [more]

Blues Flex Muscle... - 2/21/2006
(AP) Chicago: In what could be a playoff preview between division-rivals, the struggling St. Louis Blues may have emerged from their funk with a resounding 9-2 win over the new look Chicago Blackhawks on Monday evening. ... [more]

Sharks Look to Rebound - 2/20/2006
San Jose, California - The San Jose Sharks are coming into tonight's action on a bit of a skid. The last 10 games for the Sharks have resulted in a 4-4-2 record, something that the team looks to change in the coming games. This mini-slump has dropped them into 4th position in the Western conference. ... [more]

Whats wrong in Tampa? - 2/20/2006
After a great start of the season the last couple of weeks has been pretty bad for the franchise from Tampa Bay, The Lightning. Early in the season GM Martin Sedin was hopefull to reach a playoff spot. Now Sedin is very disappointed after the way the team has been playing lately. ... [more]

Hawks gear up for playoff run - 2/20/2006
On a strange day a strange event happened... players were traded with two teams that were playing each other the same night. While that is no strange event, the fact that the players involved played for their original teams even though the deal was announced the day before. It's unheard of for such a thing to happen. ... [more]

Breaking Up The Flock? - 2/20/2006
AP (Los Angeles) - Unnamed, but reliable, sources have confirmed recent rumblings coming from the Arrowhead Pond that the Mighty Ducks' front office is considering a systematic deconstruction of their current roster. Given the size of the franchise's payroll, it has become increasingly evident that GM Matt Gledhill and Coach John Tortorella are exceedingly frustrated by their team's lackluster performance on the ice. ... [more]

Sabres defeat Blackhawks... - 2/20/2006
It's not often that you play a team straight after doing a deal with them. It's even less common when the players are still playing for their old teams when the game is played. As unusual as the circumstances were, that's what happened last night. ... [more]

On The Fly - 2/19/2006
Simon Gagne the leagues 2nd leading scorer behind Ilya Kovalchuk has earned his team $2.5 million. The PowerAide deal is earned by a player 25 yrs and younger who scores at least 25 goals. Gagne’s 25 comes exactly at the halfway mark of the season, which projects 50 for the year. ... [more]

Panthers Strengthen 3rd Line - 2/19/2006
The Florida Panthers announced today that the team had made two trades that would strengthen the team's third line and penalty killing units. In the first move the Panthers acquired Daniel Cleary from the Rangers in exchange for Brian Willsie. This was a swap of upcoming RFA's. ... [more]

Sabres make move for youth... - 2/18/2006
With the Buffalo Sabres having their best run of the season, most could have reasonably assumed that the team would continue to stick to the status quo. Not so fast. Olli Jokinen arrived about a week ago, and helped the team continue in its winning ways, but management may have come up with something that may just be too big of a shakeup to recover from. ... [more]

Devils Midseason Organizational Review - 2/17/2006
After having no hockey for a full year, the midway point of the season is a good opportunity to look at where the Devils stand, for now, next season, and beyond.... The Forwards - This Season: The Devils are currently the highest scoring team in the league, averaging more than 3.5 goals per game. The signing of Ilya Kovalchuk and Petr Bondra during the offseason has paid off ... [more]

Jackets at the Half - 2/17/2006
CD - Columbus - Fresh off a 3-1 victory over the New York Rangers, the Columbus Blue Jackets have wrapped up the first half of their 2005-06 HFNHL season in style riding a 10-game winning streak. But the first half is a tale of two teams: the league's hottest squad couldn't seem to win to save their lives at the start of the season. ... [more]

Oil Olympians Pull Double Duty - 2/16/2006
The Oilers have 6 players participating in this year’s Olympics. “It’s nice to see our players get some international recognition. We think they’re great, I guess the world thinks they are as well…” commented GM Gledhill. The participating players are as follows: Canada – Ryan Smyth; Czech Republic – Ales Hemsky, Martin Rucinsky ... [more]

Brothers reunited in Tampa - 2/16/2006
No, Henrik Sedin will not move to Tampa. It is Valeri Bure who will leave NY Islanders just hours after he had arrived. Bure was traded last night toghether with a 7th in 2006 for Brett Hull. GM Martin Sedin said that he was very pleased with this deal. ... [more]

Predators swing a number of deals - 2/16/2006
After shipping backup goalie Brent Johnson to Philadelphia two weeks ago Nashville Predators GM Tony Kapfenberger enjoyed staying active at the trade front and was able to complete more deals to help the team in the future. The first deal that was completed saw promising forward Erik Christensen shipped to Los Angeles for forward Dan Fritsche. ... [more]

Sabres continue to roll as Jokinen... - 2/16/2006
After rolling the leafs in last nights game, the Sabres have moved to 11-3-3 in their last 17 games for a whopping 25 points. To make things brighter for opposing teams, GM Joshua Pitt went out and acquired center Olli Jokinen from the LA Kings. ... [more]

Doan will be missed - 2/15/2006
The New York Islanders today announced that Shane Doan was traded to Florida for package of prospects, 3rd round pick and Valeri Bure. When asked, why they would trade Shane Doan when they are so close to the stanley Cup, they responded by saying that they are not done yet and infact made a another trade... ... [more]

Truth and Rumours: Flyers for Sale? - 2/14/2006
Denials from Ed Snider abound, but the Philadelphia Flyers are in serious financial trouble, and rumours have it that the HFNHL have been contacted to approve the sale of the Flyers to a new group. Claudio Mannarino was apparently called into an emergency meeting last week and told to shed salary from the present playing staff. ... [more]

Big Name Coming Back to Florida? - 2/13/2006
Rumours are swirling all over Florida, as the Panthers have apparently acquired a superstar to help lead their offense. We were able to get this out of an unnamed team official. "We have acquired a future cornerstone for us upfront, pending league approval. We gave up a couple of our top prospects, but we feel it was worth it. This is not a rental, this player will be a face of our franchise." ... [more]

Wild re-sign Cullen - 2/13/2006
Just a few days after acquiring UFA-to-be Mats Sundin, GM Greg Dockus locked up a pending RFA. Matt Cullen, who has 2 years before he hits UFA status, signed a 3-year deal worth a total of $4.5 million. "We had to pay a bit more for that 3rd year, but we love what Cullen brings," said Dockus. "We still want to try to sign Mats, but we wanted to make sure we keep everyone we need to make that leap we plan on making." ... [more]

Nashville Predators sign 3 RFAs - 2/13/2006
The Nashville Predators today signed 3 of their 4 remaining restricted free agents. Forwards Jan Hrdina and Jason Chimera as well as defenseman Mathieu Dandenault all agreed to two year deals. "We finally have our core locked up and we are happy about that. Negotiations have been a bit tougher than expected, but we finally could get it done." ... [more]

Stars resign some of their core - 2/13/2006
(Dallas - AP) Rumors are flying that the sultry Dallas stars have just re-signed a number of their core players hoping to build to the future and bring a cup back to Dallas in the near future. No details have been release yet, but rumors have it that the likes of Nick Schultz, John Erskine, and Shawn Horcoff have just signed long term deals... ... [more]

Colorado Prospect Report - 2/11/2006
Here's a look at the future of the Colorado Avalanche. Looks really bright both up front and on defense. Goaltending might not be as deep, but there is a quality starter in Pavelec. Overall, there are not too many holes to fill on the list, especially counting in the graduated players like Pettinger and Campbell on offense and Komisarek and Morrisonn on defense. ... [more]

Colin White to be traded? - 2/11/2006
After hearing about a possible trade of starting goaltender Curtis Joseph, Colin White has expressed his wish to be traded. He has earlier stated that if the Avalanche doesn't make the playoffs in the final two years of his contract he wouldn't re-sign with the team. ... [more]

Blues woes continue... - 2/10/2006
You can downgrade the St. Louis Blues’ condition from frustratingly mediocre to full-blown slump. The Blues, killed once again by lethargic play and poor chemistry, lost a 6-1 decision to the Ottawa Senators at Scotiabank Place last night. The team has now lost four in a row and has just three wins in their last ten games (3-6-1). ... [more]

Mighty Ducks Top Ten Prospects - 2/9/2006
1) Jack Johnson - The freshman defenseman has been scoring at a point-per-game pace for the University of Michigan. In addition, J.J. was a prime attraction at the WJCs, where he was named to the all-tourney team. ... [more]

Sundin Shipped Out - 2/9/2006
Yesterday the Florida Panthers shipped out star center Mats Sundin to the Minnesota Wild in exchange for Mike Ribeiro, Matt Foy and a 3rd round draft pick. Sundin was acquired just before the season started from the Nashville Predators, however his contract demands were too rich for the Panthers blood. ... [more]

The invisible man returns as Sabres... - 2/9/2006
Buffalo has been known as the trading hot-spot of the HFNHL world ever since GM Joshua Pitt arrived from Australia (of all places) at the start of the 2001-02 season. After making an HFNHL record 36 deals in his 1st season, things started to take shape, and consequently slow down. ... [more]

Predators ship out goalie - 2/8/2006
Brent Johnson who was aquired in the trade that sent veteran starting goalie Curtis Joseph to Colorado is on the move again. Johnson was slated to be the new starter for a rebuilding franchise but soon lost his job to Mathieu Garon. ... [more]

Red Wings Acquire Veteran Centre - 2/8/2006
In a surprise news statement today GM Niece announced that the Wings have acquired Veteran forward Martin Straka from the Atlanta Thrashers. At first this appeared to be a a reversal of direction for the Wings but HDN made it clear this was a move for next year. ... [more]

Panthers take 41 Marsdale Cup - 2/8/2006
The Florida Panthers and GM Brock Otten defeated the Atlanta Thrashers 2-1 in last nights action to give Otten the first HFNHL battle of 41 Marsdale Drive. Otten has been incredibly successful in his matchups against his fellow Brock University mates. ... [more]

Where was Dainius? - 2/8/2006
San Jose, California - For the last couple days rumours have been swirling regarding the whereabouts of Dainius Zubrus in the San Jose Shark line-up. Some said that he went on a Journey to find himself, much like Miami Dolphins runningback Ricky Williams, but that was not the case. ... [more]

Nashville press conference - 2/7/2006
The Nashville Predators GM Tony Kapfenberger as well as Team Captain Brad Lukowich held a press conference this evening about rumors the Nashville players would not allow Vandermeer coming back to the team following his actions in the game against the Vancouver Canucks which earned the tough defenseman a 5 game suspension. ... [more]

Truth and Rumours - 2/7/2006
Valeri Bure is upset at Thrashers management for trading him to the Panthers, a team that he doesn't consider a contender. --Atlanta Journal. The return of Cory Cross from his injury has been tainted by Todd Simpsons knee injury. Chicago has been dressing 7 defenceman most of the season and shouldn't have to call up anyone from the minors. --Chicago Tribune ... [more]

Bruins Battle Wings - 2/7/2006
Boston: The Bruins served up a loss to the Red Wings in overtime last night in a high scoring match that saw the two conference leading teams battle it out in what was truely a fine win for the Bruins. The Wings were leading 5-3 going into the 3rd period, but the Bruins turned up the heat and scored two unanswered goals to tie the game and force an overtime period. ... [more]

Red Wings Top 10 Prospects - 2/6/2006
As GM Niece is a ‘show me’ type guy, this list is heavily influenced by the player’s actual performance and readiness for the HFNHL over pure potential. (1) Henrik Lundqvist (Detroit’s 6th round selection in 2000) Contrary to the claim of another GM, Lundy is probably the best goalie in the league atm and will likely steal the starting job in Detroit next year. ... [more]

Rangers Future Report - 2/6/2006
The Rangers have several prospects, highlighted by a few late round gems, enjoying productive seasons. Here's a break-down of who's doing what and where. In the NHL - Petr Prucha, C/W (Acquired 2002 HFNHL Draft - Rnd 4, 101 Ov) - Prucha was having an outstanding season with the NHL's Rangers before having it interrupted by a knee injury that will keep him out for a few weeks. ... [more]

Ray Whitney on The Move? - 2/6/2006
(APC) - The Flyers have announced that LW Ray Whitney may be moved in order to free up some cap space for next year. The Flyers need to receive a LW in return who could play this year on their second line and of course is making less than Ray Whitney. ... [more]

Flyers Trade for Journeyman Backup - 2/5/2006
The Flyers desperate for a backup to Dominik Hasek, especially after an injury to Arturs Irbe are rumoured to have acquired a journeyman goaltender to back up Hasek. Details are to follow but its believed the Flyers gave up a lot as a good prospect and several draft picks may have been dealt to acquire the goaltender. ... [more]

Wild prospect report - 2/4/2006
From bottom to top Just missing out: Matt Foy Brandon Yip (Top scoring freshman in Hockey East) Eric Hunter Ben Bishop (Freshman is 7th in Hockey East in GAA) 20) Vladimir Mihalik-2nd round 2005-18 years old-defenseman-6'8'' 234# Red Deer-WHL. He's huge. Chara-huge. And like Chara, it will take time, but this kid has a chance. 44games 3g/7a/10pts 61 pims ... [more]

Devils Prospect Report - 2/4/2006
1) Marc-Andre Fleury, G - Playing behind one of the worst defenses in the history of the NHL, Fleury has shown glimpses of the goalie he can be. Look for him to possibly join the Devils next year as a backup. 2) Tomas Vanek, LW - Not getting much press with all the great rookie play this season, but putting up solid numbers in his rookie year with 16 goals and 33 points. ... [more]

Sabres Prospect report - 2/4/2006
Here is the Sabres top 15 as they currently stand... #1). RYAN MILLER (G): Arguably the #1 goaltending prospect in the HFNHL. Lehtonen possibly has the higher upside, but Miller has been impressive pretty much wherever he's gone. He's an absolute lock to make the team next season, and might be the starter ahead of Roloson. Some thought he should have been the man between the pipes for team USA at the olympics. ... [more]

Predators retain Captain - 2/4/2006
Brad Lukowich has signed a new contract with the Nashville Predators for the next two seasons. "It's big news for us, having Brad under contract. He is a big part of this team, he is the captain and he is always working hard to improve his game" GM Tony Kapfenberger said at the press conference. ... [more]

Nashville Predators prospect report - 2/4/2006
1. G Kari Lehtonen - Arguably the best goaltending prospect in the World, Lehtonen has finally left his mark in the NHL. After missing half the season with a groin injury he suffered in the first game with Atlanta, Lehtonen done a great job in the net for the Thrashers, posting 2,96GAA and 89,7% SvPctg. ... [more]

Calgary Mid-Season Prospects Report - 2/3/2006
In the NHL: Steve Eminger (5th overall, 2002 Entry Draft) A full season in the AHL in 04/5 has helped Eminger's consistency at the NHL level. He is one of the few bright spots on the Capitals roster. Zbynek Michalek (238th, in the 8th round, 2001 Draft) In any other year Michalek might be considered for the NHL's Calder Trophy. ... [more]

Canucks Mid-Season Prospect Report - 2/3/2006
With fans growing ever impatient with the Vancouver Canucks prolonged rebuilding plan, the club will be handing out a mid-season prospect report at next week's home game against the Carolina Hurricanes. Having arbitraily graduated all young players who have not played in the AHL this year, the club decided to focus on those players as well, in a last ditch effort to appease the riot-hungry fans. ... [more]

Rangers Lock Up Two - 2/3/2006
NEW YORK (AP) -- The New York Rangers have released a press statement on Friday announcing the re-signing of two more players. Defensemen Freddy Meyer and goaltender Tim Thomas have agreed to deals that will keep them in New York beyond this season. Financial terms were not disclosed by the team. ... [more]

Kings Prospect Report - 2/3/2006
The HFNHL are now a team in a slight re-building phase. Steve Rucchin and Brian Leetch are rumored to be on their way out, while forwards Todd Bertuzzi and Glen Murray were both dealt in seperate deals last week for future help. Here is a look at the team's top 15 prospects in rough order. ... [more]

Wings Fire Medical Staff - 2/2/2006
An obviously frustrated GM Niece today announced that the entire medical staff has been released. In the course of one month the teams staff have twice made errors in the assessment of injuries to Red Wing players. First it was Mike Van Ryn who had originally been reported as day-to-day with a sprain only to see him miss nearly two weeks. ... [more]

Panthers Re-sign Three - 2/2/2006
The Florida Panthers announced today that have signed three pending restricted free agents to contract extensions. General Manager Brock Otten made the conference call this afternoon. " We are very pleased to announce the resigning of three important players in our future, Eric Brewer, Fernando Pisani and Kevin Bieksa." ... [more]

Four Blue Jackets Locked In - 2/2/2006
CD - Columbus - Columbus GM Doug Emerson confirmed to reporters this afternoon that the Blue Jackets have reached agreement on contract extensions with four players. Specific terms were not disclosed. "I am pleased to announce the Brendan Shanahan and Slava Kozlov have agreed to multiyear contract extensions", Emerson beamed. ... [more]

Columbus Midseason Prospects Review - 2/2/2006
CD - Columbus - If Columbus' futures were as bright throughout the roster as they are up front, they'd be in the top ten in the league in prospect depth and quality, but after trading Corey Crawford earlier this year, thier goaltending is a little in question, and their defence is VERY thin. ... [more]

Yashin re-signs with Dallas - 2/2/2006
(AP) - Dallas, TX - The Dallas Stars announced earlier today in a press conference that they have re-signed their number one centerman Alexei Yashin to a long term contract avoiding unrestricted free agency. "Alexei hasn't had a great year so far, but he is fronting alot of the load on his shoulders to carry this team. ... [more]

Mid Season Panthers Top 20 Prospects - 2/1/2006
It's time for the updated mid season Florida Panthers Top 20 Prospect List. Graduated from the preseason top 20 are Mike Richards, Marek Svatos, Brent Burns and Chris Campoli. 1. Rob Schremp - Otten's take: "Robbie is having an absolute monster season in the OHL. ... [more]

Clipped Wings to play without Parrish - 1/31/2006
GM Niece today confirmed that Mark Parrish, the teams leading scorer, will not be ready to play for today’s game. This will be the first game that Mark has missed a game this season as he continues to recover from a concussion dealt to him by Chicago’s Todd Simpson late in Sunday’s game. ... [more]

A Waiver-y Chocolate LeClair - 1/31/2006
Raleigh, N.C - The Carolina Hurricanes have picked up All Star left winger John LeClair off waivers. Many have thought that Carolina was an unlikely destination for LeClair as the Canes have always preached financial discipline. ... [more]

McEachern Requests Trade - 1/30/2006
CD - Columbus - Nationwide Arena -- The agent for Blue Jackets winger Shawn McEachern is reported to have asked management to trade his client. Insiders suggest it was a request, rather than a demand, and is thought to have been prompted by his client's recent loss of icetime. ... [more]

Flames go for five - 1/30/2006
CALGARY (CP) The Flames are looking to extend thier present unbeaten streak tonight, as the Calgary Flames head into Montreal to face the Canadien. The Flames have defeated the three of the top teams in the East in the past week, proving that the Western Conference is far deeper and more talented than the East. ... [more]

Blues D-men decimated By Injuries - 1/27/2006
The St. Louis Blues won what might be considered the most heroic win in franchise history this evening when four of their 6 blue-liners were knocked out of the Blues game against the Thrashers. After Brad Stuart went down in the first period, the parade to the dressing room continued with Chris Pronger... ... [more]

New World Order in the West? - 1/27/2006
Many, myself included, had projected that the top 3 in the West would have been the Blues, Ducks, and Jackets. No one could have known at the time but the new HFNHL (actually the change in sim from version 1.0 to 1.3) would look so different making the traditional defence first approach obsolete. ... [more]

Flyer’s Acquire Bertuzzi in a Blockbuster - 1/27/2006
The Flyers have always been an organization that isn’t afraid to make changes. With the team overachieving this year, the Flyers went out and solidified their team’s chances of a Cup run by acquiring superstar villain Todd Bertuzzi after he was made available by the LA Kings. ... [more]

Rumor: LA to rebuild; veterans available - 1/23/2006
Rumor has it that the Los Angeles Kings are ready to re-build after five years at the top of the standings have yeilded little playoffs success. This year the team finds itself on the outside of the playoff race looking in, which several key pieces still needed to put a run at the cup together. ... [more]

Already better than last year - 1/23/2006
Last year Tampa Bay was one of the worst teams in the league and the team only won 12 games and got 34 points during the season. Rumours mention that Tampa was intrested in drafting Ovechkin as 1st overall, now that didnt happen and they had to be satisfied with the 3rd overall pick which they later traded. ... [more]

Sharks, Flyers cool off Predators... - 1/23/2006
After a hot start into the new year the Nashville Predators seem to have hit a wall. 3 consecutive losses speak for themselves. Dropping a home-and-home series against the powerhouse San Jose Sharks, the team arrived in Philadelphia with the goal to get back on track. ... [more]

Flyers Find Goalie - 1/22/2006
The Flyers have been searching for Dominik Hasek’s backup all season and they appear to have found one after game 28. Arturs Irbe the diminutive Latvian has stepped up recently and played exceptional for the Flyers. Irbe started and won his third straight game against Nashville. ... [more]

Sharks Keep Rolling - 1/21/2006
San Jose, California - Everything seems to be in place for the Sharks these days. San Jose has extended its winning streak to 10 wins tonight with a victory over Nashville. Goaltending, forwards, defense, everything seems to be working these days. "We are just trying to keep things simple, we dont want to do too much, just play like we know how to", said Sharks center Peter Forsberg. ... [more]

Sharks Get Tougher on Defense - 1/21/2006
San Jose, California - The past few days have been very busy for GM Astles, but none the less exciting. After Samsonov had come to the new GM of the Sharks and said he didn't think he fit in with the team anymore he started entertain offers for him. In the end, the deal was simple yet gratifying for both sides. ... [more]

Flyers Furious at Hit - 1/20/2006
The Flyers organization is furious with the Florida Panthers' Garnett E. for his dirty hit on Anton Volchenkov. The young 22 year old defenseman received a broken neck from the hit. Although it was apparant from Garnett's reaction to Anton lying on the ice that he did not intend to hurt Volchenkov, he did and as a result Anton will be out for at least 3 months. ... [more]

Leopold signs new Nashville deal - 1/20/2006
More good news out of Nashville. Jordan Leopold has signed a new long-term contract and committed his future to Nashville. "It was very important for me to sign that deal. I like Nashville, the fans, the team and I want to win here." Leopold said. ... [more]

Disgruntled Samsonov Wants Out... - 1/19/2006
San Jose, California - Reports coming out of San Jose are saying that the crafty LW is looking for a trade out of Shark country. Samsonov has been putting up less than stellar numbers with Sharks, and isn't pleased playing on the 3rd line scoring only 3 times and adding 4 assists for 7 points in 24 games thus far. ... [more]

Blues Ship McCabe to Beantown - 1/19/2006
(AP) St. Louis: In what can only be seen as a slight step backwards in their quest for the Stanley Cup, St. Louis shipped out all-star defenceman Bryan McCabe in a deal meant to shake-up the slumping Blues. ... [more]

Bryan McCabe 'Can-Open' Lord Stanley... - 1/19/2006
Beantown: The Boston Globe can confirm what was first reported by the St. Louis press: GM Krueger and GM Quain were involved in heated discussions last night during the Bruins hard fought 2-1 victory over the Blues. ... [more]

Trade Winds Swirl in St. Louis - 1/18/2006
St. Louis (AP): Rumours have begun to circulate of a major deal brewing in St. Louis. Before and during the Blues 2-1 loss to the Boston Bruins last night, both team's general managers were huddled away in what can only be called intense discussions, confirmed by multiple sources. ... [more]

Nashville continues to ride the wave - 1/18/2006
After a desastrous start to the season the Nashville Predators have finally got their act together. Since Mathieu Garon replaced Brent Johnson as the starting goaltender the team has won 6 out of 10 games. The latest highlight is last nights 4-0 shutout win against the Phoenix Coyotes. ... [more]

Wings conclude 5 game test... - 1/14/2006
Detroit had recently announced that they would use a particular 5 game stretch as a measuring stick for their performance and indicator of things to come. The games included matches with the Senators, Lightning, Wild, Flyers and Blues which provided an adequate diversity in not only skill sets but styles of play. ... [more]

Minnesota is white-hot - 1/13/2006
Who's the hottest team in the West? None other than the Minnesota Wild, 8-2 in their last 10 games. Currently in a tie for the NW division lead, Minnesota is looking like a team that could reach the playoffs for the first time in team history. The main reason behind the surge is leading Rookie of the Year candidate Vesa Toskala. ... [more]

Sharks Win Another - 1/11/2006
San Jose, California - Another game and another win for the San Jose Sharks. A solid effort from the team gave the Sharks their 12th win of the season. Steve Sullivan since being switched to RW has been producing solid numbers, and is on a 6 game point streak, he scored 2 goals in the effort. ... [more]

Flames First Quarter Review - 1/10/2006
The Flames are 3 points out of 8th place in the West, and are playing better in the last few weeks than at the start of the season. OFFENCE: A- : After a slow start, the Flames offence has come alive, led by surging rookie Michael Ryder. The rookie has 8 goals and 11 assists, far out-pacing all other rookies, and is looking to make a name for himself in Calder Trophy race. ... [more]

Devils Quarter Season Review - 1/10/2006
After a year with no hockey due to a lockout, the HFNHL promised that fans would see a new HFNHL this season. While the jury is still out on how improved the product is, the one certainty is that fans in New Jersey are seeing a new Devils team. ... [more]

Rangers hit the skids; WJC Wrap - 1/10/2006
The Rangers have vaulted themselves right into the thick of the Phil Kessel sweepstakes after losing their last seven games and going 1-8-1 in their last ten. The team got off to an improbable strong start, but has since looked like a cellar dweller. Winger Paul Kariya was expected to be the offensive leader of this team, but his production has been horrendous this season. ... [more]

WJC Wrap-Up: Mighty Ducks of Anaheim - 1/10/2006
Of the five Ducks prospects on display at this year's WJCs (two Americans, two Finns, and one Swede), four had solid tournaments. The lone Ducks goalie in the tournament, Magnus Akerlund, did not play well for Sweden, and was backing up Daniel Larsson before the end. ... [more]

Sabres start to turn things around... - 1/9/2006
Its still early days, but it's been easy to see that the buffalo sabres have been struggling this season. After facing one of the toughest 1st half schedules in the league, the team looked more like one that was going to add yet another high draft pick than one in a playoff race. ... [more]

Devils win in battle of league's best - 1/7/2006
It was a high flying offensive show that led the New Jersey Devils to the top of the Eastern Conference early in the 2005 season. Last night, it was goaltending that gave them the best record in the entire league. Kevin Weekes turned aside all 27 shots that he faced in shutting out Western Conference power the St. Louis Blues. ... [more]

Red Wings are Red Hot - 1/6/2006
It’s not often that GM Niece has words of praise for his team but after going 7-2-1 in the past 10 games some recognition was due. While the recent schedule has been relatively kind to the Wings in that span (8 of the 10 games were against sub .500 teams) these were games the team needed to take advantage of, not to mention the team got a rare win over conference rival Chicago. ... [more]

Offense comes alive to give Nashville... - 1/6/2006
The Nashville Predators scored more than 3 goals for only the 3rd time this season and the result was their 3rd win of the season. Jeff Halpern assisted on 4 of the Preds 5 goals and the line of Brian Savage, Eric Belanger and Sean Avery combined for 6 points to give them a well-deserved overtime victory. ... [more]

Chicago retains one, more to follow - 1/6/2006
Word out of Chicago is that the team has retained the rights to Ken Klee. Financial details were not released but deal is beleived to be over 3 years. "He's a key player on our team and although he doesn't get enough respect aound the league he matters to us and has a place here as long as he wishes to play for us.", said GM Lewis. ... [more]

Blues Brace For Dance with Devils - 1/6/2006
(AP) St. Louis: The two toughest guys on the block, eventually they’re going to fight. Such is this case this evening, when the New Jersey Devils, the class of the Eastern conference thus far early in the season, roll into St. Louis to face the Blues, the top team in the Western conference, in what some pundits are calling a potential Stanley Cup preview. ... [more]

Shuffling the dance cards in Columbus - 1/4/2006
CD - Columbus - Jackets Head Coach Mike Babcock used today's practice to try a slightly different look 5-on-5. For the first time since the start of the season, Mike Modano had Shawn McEachern skating on his wing, while Geoff Sanderson lined up with Mike York. ... [more]

Beantown Expects to Extinguish... - 12/30/2005
Calgary (CP): The Boston Bruins expect an easy victory when they visit the Flames tonight, and that has GM Krueger concerned. "Our players have been playing down to the level of their opponents as of late - and that is not the trademark of a Bruin. I am not impressed with the play of many on our team." ... [more]

Rangers re-sign two key players - 12/30/2005
NEW YORK -- The New York Rangers agreed to terms with two key players on contract extensions on Thursday. Center Marc Savard, arguably the team’s most talented offensive player, and defenseman John-Michael Liles, New York’s best offensive defenseman, both signed new four-year deals. As per club policy, financial terms of the deals were not disclosed. ... [more]

Swingstein Breaks Off Negotiations... - 12/29/2005
(AP) Calgary: Reggie Swingstein, the high profile super agent for youngster Jason Williams, has broken off contract negotiations regarding the young forward before they seemingly even started with the Calgary Flames. "We will not be listening to any more offers from Calgary until free agency arrives", stated Swingstein. ... [more]

Flyer's Player Profile - Tim Connolly - 12/29/2005
Tim Connolly struggled to meet heavy expectations after being selected 5th overall by the NYI in the 1999 draft. Blessed with an overabundance of talent, Connolly exploded on the scene and displayed tremendous stick handling, vision and playmaking ability. ... [more]

Tampa Bay prospects win game... - 12/29/2005
Sweden hasnt had much success in the WJCH since the mid 90s but times are maybe changing as soon as this season. Last night Sweden won over Czech Republic with 3-2 and two of the goals where scored by Tampa prospects. ... [more]

Preds lose vs Canes... - 12/29/2005
The Nashville Predators gave up a 3-1 lead in Raleigh last night to lose their 12th game of the season. Jeff Halpern, Niclas Wallin and Jan Hrdina scored 3 straight goals to give the Predators a comfortable 3-1 lead. But they couldn't hold on to it. Former Nashville forward Nils Ekman showed up to haunt the team that traded him for Kristian Huselius and a draft pick earlier in the season. ... [more]

Devils sign key player to extension - 12/28/2005
The New Jersey Devils, currently first in the Eastern Conference, locked up a key component of their team by signing second line center Jason Blake to a 4 year contract. Terms were not disclosed, although it is thought to be a major increase from the $487,500 that Mr. Blake will earn this season. ... [more]

Hawks prospects at WJHC - 12/26/2005
The 2005-2006 WJHC sees the Chicago Blackhawks represented by the following players: Dustin Boyd, Canada - The Winnipeg native has played the last four seasons with the Moose Jaw Warriors of the WHL. The 2004-05 season was his best campaign to date, as he scored 26 goals and 61 points in 66 games. ... [more]

Eight Islanders Selected... - 12/22/2005
Islanders were very excited to learn that 8 Islanders were selected to the Canadian and US Olympic teams. Included were 4 DF (Foote, Schneider, Chelios, and Miller) and 4 fwds (Doan, Tkachuk, Weight, and Cole). 8 players represents 40% of our roster. ... [more]

Please send the fines too... - 12/21/2005
CHICAGO (CP): The Calgary Flames recent turnabout in form came to a crashing hault last night here in Chicago against the Blackhawks. The Flames, who had compiled a four game unbeaten streak, were shut-out for the first time this season. ... [more]

Preds lose another game... - 12/21/2005
The Preds only win a few weeks ago seems like a one-hit-wonder. Last night the Preds lost another home game 6-1 and defensemen Jim Vandermeer to injury. Vandermeer will be sidelined for at least a week with a fractured cheekbone. ... [more]

Kim Johnsson gets book thrown at him - 12/21/2005
Tampa Bay - Last night versus the Tampa Bay Lightning Kim Johnsson was suspended 5 games for an elbowing incident in the second period of the Sharks 5-3 win. Rory Fitzpatrick will be out indefinately after recieving a concussion on the Johnsson hit. "Obviously I didn't mean to injure him, it was just one of those things, my elbow and his head came together at the wrong time. ... [more]

Game Summaries (12/19/05) - 12/20/2005
There were six games of HFNHL action last night... here's how it went down... Capitals 5, Bruins 2 - In a matchup of Easten Conference teams off to solid starts, Alexander Mogilny was the story in this contest. Mogilny notced a hat trick for his 6th, 7th, and 8th goals of the season. He is now tied for second in the league among goal scorers. ... [more]

Flyer Player Profile – Andrei Markov - 12/19/2005
Andrei Markov appears to be one player who benefited from a lost season of hockey. Markov spent the 2004-05 season playing for the Moscow Dynamo where he racked up good offensive numbers and was a plus 27 in 42 games. Markov’s strong play carried over to the “New NHL” as he’s been playing at an All-Star level for Montreal this season. ... [more]

Hurricanes at WJC - 12/19/2005
This year, the Carolina Hurricanes sends four to the World Junior Championships held in British Columbia, Canada. Cam Barker - The only returnee from the Gold medal team last year. Struck down by mono, look for him to show what he is really capable of. ... [more]

Ducks Prospects at the WJCs - 12/19/2005
A handful of future Ducks figure to play prominent roles on their respective teams at this year's WJCs... Perttu Lindgren - As the result of an injury (tendonitis) to fellow Ducks prospect Petteri Nokelainen, the Tampere native figures to center Finland's top line at the WJCs, with Lauri Korpikoski and Lauri Tukonen on the wings. ... [more]

Canucks WJC Prospects - 12/19/2005
With the World Junior Hockey Championships taking place in Vancouver, the Canucks would absolutely love for one of their prospects to make headwaves in the tournament. With the NHL club solid but hardly spectacular, this tournament could generate excitement for fans growing weary of the slow rebuilding process. From the looks of it, at least one player may just satisfy such desires for excitement. ... [more]

Flames WJC Prospects - 12/19/2005
CAN - Steve Downie. The 82nd player taken in the 2005 HFNHL draft has had a difficult year - he was traded from the Windsor Spitfires after fighting with a teammate - but he has rebounded nicely in Peteborough and has a chance at redemption despite the controversy surrounding his selection for the Canadian Team. OHL Stats: 13GP, 7G, 16A, 23Pts ... [more]

St. Louis Blues at WJC - 12/19/2005
A listing of the five Blues prospects at the WJC this holiday season... TEAM CANADA - David Bolland: Expected to play a prominent role for the team given his strong two-way play and his offensive abilities. As emerged as a dominant PP quarterback with London in the OHL and play a similar position with Team Canada. Will wear an 'A' as one of the alternate captains, although he is being hampered by the dreaded "upper body" injury at the moment. ... [more]

San Jose and the WJC - 12/19/2005
Three of San Jose's prospects are looking to impress at this years edition of the World Junior Hockey Championship in Vancouver. Two of the Shark hopefuls will be suiting up for Canada they are forwards Tom Pyatt and Kyle Chipchura. The other prospect is a young defenseman Taylor Chorney from the North Dakota Fighting Sioux. ... [more]

Game Summaries (12/18/05) - 12/18/2005
Tonight was a relatively light night of action for the HFNHL. Five games in total, 4 of which ended as shutouts! Let's take a closer look... Boston Bruins vs. Colorado Avalanche: Two teams in opposite directions faced off. The Bruins sitting at 4 games above .500 going into the game, the Avs at 4 games under the .500 mark. ... [more]

Oilers Make Change... - 12/18/2005
Going 1-1-0 in a home-and-home stand with the Phoenix Coyotes appears to be unacceptable for Coach Keenan. "I'm very disappointed with our performance so far this season. I thought this team was a lock for the playoffs, and though it's still early, it really doesn't look like we WANT to win." ... [more]

2006 WJC – Flyer’s Edition - 12/17/2005
Flyers’ have no North American representation but boast 2 Slovaks and 1 Russian in the 2006 World Junior Championships, two of them are Buffalo Sabres draft picks, while Valibik is an Atlanta draft pick. 1. Marek Zagrapan – The 6 foot 200 pound centre was drafted 13th overall by Buffalo in 2005. ... [more]

Future Avalanche at the WJC - 12/17/2005
Czech Republic: Vaclav Meidl - As the biggest player on the team, Meidl is expected to use his size to an advantage for his team. Known as a solid 2-way player in OHL, he will most likely center the 3rd line and be a leader for the younger players. ... [more]

Game Summaries (12/16/05) - 12/17/2005
It was a light night in the HFNHL yesterday with only 6 games on tap. Here is a summary of the action: Hurricanes 3 at Thrashers 2 - A solid performance from Steve Shields gives the Hurricanes just their second win of the season, stopping 25 of 27 shots. The scoring got underway at 21 seconds of the first period when Boris Mironov wired a slapshot top corner off of a Martin Gelinas feed. ... [more]

Student beats the Master...again - 12/17/2005
In the tradition of old kung fu movies, the student beat the master. Last nights game between the first place Hawks and the Capitals saw GM Dryden Lewis face his nemesis and former boss Andrew Chang-Sang. The two Gm's have known each other for about twenty years and always relish the chance to play each other and often brag about who beat who last. ... [more]

Future Preds at the WJC - 12/17/2005
Czech Republic: Zdenek Bahensky - One of the bigger forwards on his team, he will probably play on a scoring line and provide tenacious forechecking for his team. Tomas Kudelka - Will probably be a 5th-6th dman for the Czechs with a good overall game. ... [more]

Leafs News - 12/16/2005
TORONTO: Anticipation is thick in the cold Torontonian winter air this week, as the Leafs have a chance at the fourth place spot in the HFNHL Northeastern division. The leafs who started the season in the gutter, loosing their first 6 games, have managed to turn their play around in this last week, winning 3 of their last 4 contests. ... [more]

Game Summaries (12/15/05) - 12/16/2005
All 30 teams in the HFNHL were in action last night, which makes for a busy round of recaps: Thrashers 1 at Bruins 2 - The Thrashers started well, taking the lead on a PP goal by surprise rookie Wade Brookbank (3), but came quickly back down to earth thanks to the M&M show, with Brendan Morrison assisting on Alyn Macauley's first and second goals of the season. ... [more]

Kings' Noronen Day-to-Day - 12/15/2005
Goaltender Mika Noronen, who has been a nice surprise for the LA Kings thus far in the early goings of the season, has been placed on injury reserve, the team announced Thursday. Noronen hurt his wrist making a save in the Kings' 5-3 loss to Detroit on Thursday evening. ... [more]

Road Warrior Devils win another one - 12/14/2005
The New Jersey Devils continued their amazing run on the road Tuesday night, beating the Montreal Canadiens 5-2. The line of Kovalchuk-Drury-Gaborik was once again the difference, as they combined for 3 goals and 6 assists, and were on the ice for 4 of the 5 Devils goals. ... [more]

Miracles Move to Phoenix - 12/14/2005
Time may have stood still in Columbus, but a far more astonishing development took place in Phoenix this evening when the Coyotes won their second straight game. Fresh off last night's 4-1 victory in Pittsburgh, the Desert Dogs downed the visiting Leafs 3-1. Kotalik led the way with a pair of goals and an assist, while Marty Reasoner assisted on all three tallies. ... [more]

Flyer Prospect Report - 12/14/2005
ON THE UP AND UP - Jeff Carter - Carter had a real slow start to his NHL career, mostly due to the fact that he was recovering from mono, which he endured through the summer. After Carter regained his strength he become a major contributor to the Flyers success. ... [more]

Oilers Win Divisional Matchup - 12/13/2005
Going into this season, the common pick for the Northwest Division Champs was either the Edmonton Oilers or the Minnesota Wild. And after 3 matchups so far this season, Edmonton has the upper hand going 2-0-1 against the division foe. ... [more]