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Kovalchuk on the way out? - 5/30/2007
AP- Rumors out of New Jersey have general manager Richard Epstein considering moving star left winger Ilya Kovalchuk. Since signing Kovalchuk to a big contract three years ago at the cost of five first round picks, Kovalchuk has not disappointed, being amongst the scoring leaders the past two seasons. ... [more]

Tampa reaches first conference finals - 5/26/2007
When defenseman Jamie Heward scored shorthanded after 2.57 in the last period a few games ago it was the biggest goal in Tampa Bay history. It didnt only mean that the Tampa won the series over the Flyers with 4-2 in games, it also ment that Tampa reached the conference finals for the first time ever. ... [more]

Kiprusoff leads Stars to Conf. Finals - 5/25/2007
Dallas, Texas. (AP) - The Dallas Stars are starting to fire on all cylinders to take down the Vancouver Canucks in 6 games to move onto the Western Conference Finals against the Detroit Red Wings. Once again, the Stars didn't start off on a good foot by being blown out of the building 7-0 to the Canucks in game 1. ... [more]

Quick Observations on the First Round - 5/25/2007
While a handful of teams continue on their march for Lord Stanley's Cup, the Buffalo Sabres have started to look at next season a little earlier than hoped. On the teams wish lists are a top 2 defenseman, an elite young forward and a solid backup goalie, plus moving up in the draft would not be sneezed at. ... [more]

Relief - 5/24/2007
That sound you heard last night, the one that sounded like a big rubber raft deflating, was the city of Detroit collectively exhaling after last night’s win. Fans can breathe again after the Wings passed a huge test posed by the Colorado Avalanche. ... [more]

Season review: Part 1 Regular season - 5/24/2007
For starters, it might not have been a very realistic goal to go from 30th to 1st, but well, it wasn't that much of a reach. After finishing well behind the rest of the teams last year with a mere 16 wins and 44 points in 05-06, who would have guessed that the Avs would win 46 games, pick up 97 points, win the divisional title and advancing to the 2nd round in the playoffs. ... [more]

Avalanche vs. Red Wings Series Getting Nasty - 5/23/2007
Prior to this series Detroit and Colorado had never met in the playoffs and given they old meet a couple of times a year in the regular season there was no established rivalry or even bad blood that GM Niece was aware of. Apparently the Av’s don’t know that. ... [more]

GM Dead in Hotel - 5/23/2007
Ottawa, Ont. - The Carolina Hurricanes GM Dion Ong was found dead in his hotel room at the Sheraton. At the moment, the police is suspecting suicide. It was the Hotel cleaning staff that found him the after the Hurricanes lost game six and the series to the Ottawa Senators. ... [more]

A Return to Form - 5/22/2007
After a HFNHL career worst regular season result of only 54pts Nicklas Lidstrom is looking like him old self in the playoffs. After leading the Wings in point production for 3 of the past 4 seasons he only finished 5th on the team this past season and wasn’t even among the top 10 point producing defensemen for the first time in his career. Many in the local media speculated possible causes such as locker room power struggles ... [more]

Blues Post-Mortem – Yet Another Season of Discontent - 5/21/2007
(AP) St. Louis: It was déjà vu all over again, albeit with an especially prickly sting. The St. Louis Blues converged on the Savvis Centre for one last time this season, for that all too familiar process of cleaning out their locker, while uttering their best soft-spoken hockey rhetoric, accompanied by the request blank stares and pained looks. ... [more]

Sabres MIA GM returns - 5/21/2007
It wasn't the way it was supposed to be. A 4-0 sweep at the hands of the Philadelphia Flyers, the team which Sabres GM Joshua Pitt singled out as the darkhorse in this years playoff race less than a month ago. The only thing was, Pitt wasn't there to see it. ... [more]

Phoenix Coyotes Year in Review - 5/20/2007
Phoenix (AP) - The Coyotes had quite the interesting 2006-2007 under new General Manager Ryan Yessie, in the end finishing 11 points out of the playoffs, in 11th place in the conference wouldn't be considered much of a success to most teams, but it would be to the Coyotes. ... [more]

Flyers Crush Sabre Spirit - 5/19/2007
(HAP) Although Philly won game one, the team is making some changes. I guess the line "don't fix what's broken" is not in the coaches vocabulary. "Our PP has been subpar and so has our PK. If we don't correct that soon, it will come back to hurt us," said the coach. ... [more]

Stars come back from a 3 game deficit - 5/18/2007
Dallas, Texas. (AP) - The offensively underrated defensive core of the Dallas Stars took charge of their first round series tonight, and vaulted them into the second round against the Vancouver Canucks this evening by putting up one of the most specacular displays of a comeback ever seen in the HFNHL. ... [more]

Dallas and San Jose going to game 7 - 5/17/2007
Dallas, Texas. (AP) - After dropping the first three games in their series with the San Jose Sharks, the Dallas Stars have roared back to force game 7 with a shut out win tonight. So much for the predictions of the pundents before the series started that Dallas was carrying too many rookie players and wouldn't know how to step up in the playoffs. ... [more]

Avalanche extinguishes Flame - 5/17/2007
For the Flames... it was a season of ups and downs and great challenges. Making the playoffs for the first time was certainly a high, as was just making it through the season without going bankrupt. Those three home games will make all the difference financially. ... [more]

Once again, a promising season ends in disappointment - 5/17/2007
After finishing second in the conference during the regular season in 05-06, the Devils improved this season to take the conference title. During the regular season that is. Once again the team fizzled in the playoffs, with the biggest goat this year being Dominik Hasek. Hasek is also the team's biggest question as the offseason begins. ... [more]

Dallas and San Jose going to game 7 - 5/17/2007
Dallas, Texas. (AP) - After dropping the first three games in their series with the San Jose Sharks, the Dallas Stars have roared back to force game 7 with a shut out win tonight. So much for the predictions of the pundents before the series started that Dallas was carrying too many rookie players and wouldn't know how to step up in the playoffs. ... [more]

Hasek Benched - 5/17/2007
After last seasons first round collapse, Devils GM Rich Epstein decided that he could no longer go with the likes of Kevin Weekes in goal. So this past summer he made one acquisition, Dominik Hasek, one of the top goalies of all time. While other free agent goalies flopped (see Martin Gerber, Jose Theodore), Hasek led the Devils to the best record in the East. ... [more]

Blues on the Brink - 5/17/2007
(AP) St. Louis: “What a change a few games can make, huh?” Captain Chris Pronger’s post-game statement summed up the feeling of most fans, followers and members of the St. Louis Blues organization last night. After a dominating opening two games against the Vancouver, where the Blues out-shot, out-hit and most importantly, outscored the Canucks ... [more]

Quick Observations on the First Round - 5/16/2007
Devils vs. Lightning (series tied 2-2) - This series had turned out to be an unexpected tug of war where even the aggregate goals scored is tied at 16 each. What makes this series so intriguing to follow is that there is no obvious single individual, special team, or stat that is deciding these games, every game offers a new hero and a new scapegoat. With this now becoming a best of three series it just might be luck or a single bad bounce that decides this series. ... [more]

Crispy Buffalo Wings - 5/14/2007
The Flyers came into town and steamrolled Buffalo in a 4-1 win. Although outshot, the Flyers were in control right from the start scoring the first goal nine minutes in. An early goal in the second could not propel the Sabres as the Flyers added a second goal in the second frame and closed out the game with two third period goals, leaving the Sabres down 3-0 in the series. ... [more]

Devils GM blasts league officiating - 5/14/2007
Devils GM Rich Epstein was upset, no make that pissed off after his team lost game two of their opening round series by a score of 6-2. After ripping apart just about every player on his team, Mr. Epstein saved his strongest comments for the officials. ... [more]

Flyers Crush Sabre Spirit - 5/14/2007
Sabre fans have been scrambling to find excuses for their team not finding a way to win a game in Philly. Both loses were by one goal, the first game ending in overtime. “We’ll play better at home. We’re excited to go back home. The series is not over.” The Sabres GM is right, but maybe he forgot his team’s pedestrian .500 home record. ... [more]

Duck ala Orange anyone? - 5/14/2007
Orange County, California – With the Ducks having stolen game one in Detroit the series now shifts back to Anaheim with the Ducks holding home ice advantage in what is now a best of five series. Game one was two games in one as the Wings stormed out of the gates with Brendan Shanahan recording the teams fastest ever playoff goal only 36 seconds into the first period. ... [more]

Sharks Swim Home; Huet Possible - 5/14/2007
San Jose, California - It seems that the GM of the San Jose Sharks might have been crying wolf a little too soon on his team's chances in the playoffs. When asked about it he claimed that it was all part of his master plan to motivate his team to actually play hockey in the playoffs rather than that "crap" that they were playing leading up to the Game 1 against Dallas. ... [more]

Blues Brace for Arrival of Canucks - 5/12/2007
(AP) St. Louis: When reflecting back five years ago, Blues captain Chris Pronger could only think the Blues are now facing a younger mirror image of themselves in their upcoming series. “We definitely see some similarities, which is rather unsettling when you think back to how equally naïve and dangerous we were back then”, said Pronger. ... [more]

Detroit vs. Anaheim Series Primer - 5/11/2007
A battle of overachievers versus underachievers? That’s really the only way explain why on paper the Wings look so much stronger yet in terms of results the teams were so statistically similar. Most notably the Wings only scored 12 more goals on the year than the Ducks who finished only 5 games back. ... [more]

2006-07 HFNHL Playoff Preview - 5/10/2007
With the Florida Panthers dwelling in the HFNHL cellar, the Florida Post has decided to do a write up as the playoffs draw near. Some of the matchups should prove to be very compelling and exciting. Let us examine the first round more closely and supply you with some predictions. ... [more]

Coach Embarrassed by Wings Play - 5/10/2007
GM, and now coach, Drew Niece today expressed his disappointment and embarrassment over how the team played against the Blues. “The 4-3 score certainly looked better than the on ice performance. To have come out so flat and be outshot 27-8 in the first two periods of what could arguably have been the most important game of the season is unacceptable.” He said. ... [more]

Dallas Stars clinch Pacific Division - 5/10/2007
Dallas, Texas. (AP) - After finishing in the draft lottery last year, the Dallas Stars have rebounded and put up a 102 point season clinching the Pacific Division. What a year it has been for the Dallas Stars. Finishing with only 60 points last season and being in the draft lottery last year to a 102 point performance this year ... [more]

Thrilla in Philly - 5/9/2007
(HAP) Flyers’s GM not one to skirt controversy posted the following on the locker room walls after the team’s final game last night, “The Thrilla in Philly - RETRIBUTION”. To the Sabres them are fighting words and they appear ready for round 2. The Flyers’s who were also the 4th seed last year lost against the then 7th seeded Sabres in the conference final playoffs last year. ... [more]

HFNHL's 10 most unsung heros for the 06-07 season - 5/8/2007
Every year there are the guys that make headlines, and guys that don't. This is a collection of the players we picked here at 'The Buffalo News' who were on the 2nd list, but should have been on the 1st one. Honourable mentions go to names like Sean Burke and Lason LaBarbera ... [more]

The Final Cut: A Requiem for the Post Season Dream - 5/8/2007
Boston (AP) When you were one of the few, to land on your feet, despite all the trades, you'd hoped to make ends meet. A gambit narrowly gone awry - to rebuild with the hopes of making the playoffs - in the same year. GM Kruegs watched with paranoid eyes as the Lightning - like tigers - broke free from the tight play of the Capitals and secured their place in the playoffs. ... [more]

Flames make playoffs - 5/8/2007
The Calgary Flames have done it. Qualified for the HFNHL play-offs for the first time. Calgary's up and down regular season, in which they endured two long slumps, has been good enough to claim at least the 7th spot in the West. Wins against the Sharks and Wild helped capture the play-off spot. ... [more]

Wings Fire Coach - 5/8/2007
With only 3 games remaining in the regular season, GM Niece has stolen a page out of Lou Lamourillos’s play book and fired their coach with GM Niece taking the reins. “I have been very concerned about the teams play of late.”, Niece said. ... [more]

Bruins fizzle in finale - 5/7/2007
Boston (AP), The Bruins blew their season finale this evening suffering a humiliating loss to the Dallas Stars who went up three goals in the first period. Boston tried to make up the deficit but alas could not muster any offense - what a surprise - not. Sheldon Souray was going to be benched as he sustained an injury the night before, but GM Krueger decided to keep him in the game and moved him to the 4th line. ... [more]

Playoff Bound & a Little Richer - 5/6/2007
The Flyers overtime win against the NYI secured the team 4th overall in the Eastern Conference, which means they will open up at home against either the Senators or the defending Stanley Cup champions the Buffalo Sabres. “We respect both teams. One is a more of a run and gun team, while the other plays a more defensive brand of hockey, but both are equally dangerous. ... [more]

Bruins need a miracle - 5/5/2007
Boston (AP), With fingers raised in the air, the Bruins left practice today needing a miracle - their last two games of the season are critical as they currently sit in 9th place in the East, and they face conference leader New Jersey and the crafty Dallas Stars in their final two outings. ... [more]

A look at the potential 1st round opponents of the Colorado Avalanche - 5/5/2007
St Louis and Detroit are well out of reach in the battle for the Western Conference title, and Anaheim is also out of reach for Colorado. As the leaders of the North West Division, Colorado sits 3rd at the moment 4 points ahead of Calgary with 3 games to go. Here's a look at who the Avalanche could face in the first round. ... [more]

Leafs, top of the north east - 5/5/2007
With a decisive 3-0 win tonight against their historical rivals the Montreal Canadiens, the Leafs have secured the divisional title for the north east division. Not only will the Leafs end the season at the head of their division, they have also met and exceeded their contractual obligations for the Synergy endorsement. ... [more]

Sizing up Detroit’s Potential First Round Opponents - 5/4/2007
With the Red Wings only having one game in 10 days between their loss to the Hawks and their final 3 game day flurry to end the season it’s time to look at some of their potential first round opponents. Unfortunately the Western Conference playoff match up picture is still so clouded that there are as many as 6 potential opponents ... [more]

West down to the wire after tie - 5/2/2007
CD - Vancouver The Columbus Blue Jackets threw away their best chance to pull ahead of Vancouver in the race for the eighth and final playoff spot in last night’s double-header action. First, the Jackets wasted their game-in-hand by being unable to figure out Nashville’s Kari Lehtonen, who stopped all 31 shots he faced en route to a 1-0 victory. ... [more]

Bruins juggle lines in an attempt to make playoffs - 5/2/2007
BostonGlobe (AP): The Bruins have been having difficulties as of late. Frankly - they've been a rotten bunch, blowing game after game. So GM Kruegs sent a message down the chain this morning that they'd better start winning or heads are going to roll. ... [more]

Näslund to leave Tampa? - 5/1/2007
Rumours in Tampa the last couple of weeks mention that Tampa Bay Lightning and Markus Näslund will go seperate ways as soon as this summer. Even though Markus has scored 35 points in 30 games since his arrival from Vancouver, Tampa seems not to happy about this performance so far. ... [more]

Devils take division, rake in the cash - 4/30/2007
The New Jersey Devils have won the Atlantic division for the second consecutive season following five straight seasons of missing the playoffs. The Devils only hope that their stay in the playoffs lasts a bit longer this year, after the team was eliminated by eventual champion Buffalo in 6 games. ... [more]

Brad Boyes team record ends at 15 - 4/30/2007
Brad Boyes franchise record for the longest point streak by a rookie came to an end at 15 games last night. It wasn't that much of a surprise that the streak came to an end vs. their bitter conference rivals the Chicago Blackhawks. It's utterly amazing how many of the teams season low-lights have happened when facing the Hawks. ... [more]

Rangers beat up on rival Islanders - 4/25/2007
MANHATTAN -- It hasn't been the greatest of seasons for New York's two HFNHL hockey clubs this season, certainly not like it has been for the Devils across the Hudson. But when the Rangers and Islanders play, records get thrown out the window. ... [more]

Detroit Resorts to Goon Tactics...Again - 4/24/2007
(HAP) Although Detroit sports one of the leagues most talented lineup their reputation as one of the league's premiere "dirty" clubs continues to grow. With the Flyers pressing from a 3-2 deficit in the third, Chris Clark stuck out his knee as Gagne was streaking down the wing looking for his third goal of the night. ... [more]

Flyer Rumours - 4/21/2007
The Flyers are close to signing Martin Brodeur to a 3 year contract but are hesitating to increase their current offer to $6 million as the team feels contracts of that size restrict your flexibility too much, especially when it involves an aging veteran ... [more]

The Western Playoff race - 4/19/2007
With 15 games to go, there are 7 teams fighting for the last 4 playoff-spots. From Dallas at 5th to Edmonton at 11th there's only a 9 point difference. Here's a look at what the teams have left on their schedules. ... [more]

The Eastern Playoff race - 4/19/2007
With 15 games to go, the regular season is starting to wind down and there are 6 teams fighting for the last 5 playoff-spots. From Boston who is 4th to Buffalo at 9th there's only a 6 point difference. Here's a look at what the teams have left on their schedules. ... [more]

Flyers Claim Brian Leetch - 4/17/2007
(HAP) The Flyers successfully clamied defenseman Brian Leetch from waivers tonight. The club has aggressively pursued veteran leadership and the addition of Brian Leetch signifies the club will do about anything to win now. "We feel that man to man we're as good as any team in the league. ... [more]

Nate Davis named to US World Championship roster - 4/17/2007
CD - Columbus Blue Jackets prospect Nathan Davis was a surprise addition to the US World Championship roster, joining high-profile collegians Cory Schneider and Jack Johnson. This will be Columbus fans' first opportunity to see Davis perform against pro players, but unless he dominates in the team's practices, it's probably safe to say that Head Coach Mike Sullivan will use him as a depth forward only. ... [more]

Detroit Rookies Making Their Mark - 4/17/2007
As the Wings enter the final weeks of the season it’s time to take a look at two key rookies in the lineup and their contribution. Brad Boyes: With innumerable changes to line combinations, and the team roster itself, Boyes has been the lone constant on the Wings second line. ... [more]

Lindros turns up the heat - 4/16/2007
Allstar forward Eric Lindros has been the only bright spot on a season marred by contriversy and failure. The Thrashers of course didn't really have high hopes for this season but there is always a sense of "we could have done better". Rookie GM Ryan Archer has struggled in his first year, adjusting to the new rules and format. ... [more]

Fortunately there are Jackets... - 4/12/2007
Division rivalries have not been a reason for cheers for the Predators pretty much all of last and this season, but it seems like they have found a new favourite opponent and even in their own division. The revamped team has won 2 of the last 3 games and both wins came at home against the Columbus Blue Jackets. ... [more]

Sabres top 20 prospects - 4/11/2007
Buffalo are no longer the great prospect hoarders of years past (one year, it was argued that the Sabres top 15 prospects were as good as the rest of the league’s combined when names like Bouwmeester, Nash, Miller, Chistov, Ruutu, Ahonen, Whitney, Hainsey, Orpik, Beech, Sivek, Frolov, Hannan, Hartnell and Tyutin all featured ... [more]

Columbus taking care of business off the ice - on ice is another story - 4/8/2007
CD - Nationdie Arena, Columbus The Columbus Blue Jackets today announced several player signings, as GM Doug Emerson works to get the roster in shape for the 2007-08 season. Pending UFAs Arron Asham, Andrew Brunette, and captain Keith Carney have all agreed to multi-year deals. ... [more]

Brodeur May Become UFA - 4/8/2007
(HAP) The Philadelphia Flyers and Martin Brodeur broke off contract talks yesterday with all world goalie Martin Brodeur getting closer to becoming an UFA. The Flyers have desperately tried resigning him after acquiring him from Columbus for a package of players and picks. ... [more]

Canes survive Lightning strike - 4/8/2007
Miami, FLA - In what is becomeing a heated rivalry, the Carolina Hurricanes maintained their South East Division lead. In a brutal 2nd period display, the Hurricanes were able to come out with 3-1 win. This came at a cost of goal tender Rick DiPietro and Adam Foote. Both players will be monitored closely before the Atlanta game in a few days time. ... [more]

Panthers Make Moves As Deadline Nears - 4/8/2007
Yesterday, the Florida Panthers announced three trades at a press conference before the club's 7-6 loss to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. Leaving the Panthers are John Leclair, Radek Martinek, and Joel Kwiatowski and joining the Panthers are Matt Bradley, Michael Ryan and Mike Weaver, as well as several draft picks. ... [more]

Stars bolster defence - 4/7/2007
Dallas, Texas. (AP) - The Dallas Stars have announced that they have acquired veteran defenceman Mattias Norstrom and Jim Vandermeer in separate deals early this morning. It appears that the Dallas Stars aren't going to go away quietly this year in their playoff push. ... [more]

Predators set sights on next season - 4/7/2007
As veteran players and free-agents-to-be leave the Nashville Predators, the club acquires young, promising players and draft picks. In a number of deals this week, the Predators acquired hard-hitting defenseman Garnett Exelby, gritty winger Ryan Clowe, 2nd round picks in 2007 & 2008 and 4th round picks in 2007 & 2008. ... [more]

Roster Movements galore in Coyote land - 4/6/2007
PHOENIX (AP) - Within days of each other, a list of roster movements have occured in the Phoenix Coyotes organization, starting with a big trade for the Coyotes. Phoenix has delt Defenceman Derian Hatcher along with Detroit's 2nd round pick and their own 7th in 2007 in return the Coyotes will recieve Buffalo's 2nd round pick, and Colorado's 4th round pick in 2008. ... [more]

Dallas trades for Martin St. Louis - 4/6/2007
Dallas, Texas. (AP) - The Dallas Stars have announced that they have acquired Martin St.Louis from the Minnesota Wild for Nik Antropov, a 2nd round pick in 2007 and defensive prospect Brendan Bell. Dallas GM Laurens Thie just announced that they have acquired the first line right winger they have been after all year pending league approval. ... [more]

It is all silent in Sabre Land - 4/6/2007
Rumours are swirling around that the General Manager of Buffalo Sabres is looking for a refugee status and has been seen crossing the Canadian border yesterday evening. When the reporters caught up to him in one of the Toronto's local bar, he has this to say: I screwed up, after taking the Sabres to the Stanley Cup, my pride really got over my head and now look what I am going through ... [more]

Hagman a Predator for 3 more years - 4/6/2007
Niklas Hagman has signed a new 3 year deal with the Nashville Predators. Hagman has toiled on the Predators 4th line for most of the time since being acquired from the Ottawa Senators for Owen Nolan, but should be counted on getting a bigger role next season. ... [more]

Flames sign a bunch of free agents: Phillips not amongst them - 4/5/2007
CALGARY (CP): The Flames are not only heating up the phones of GM's around the league with trade offers as the deadline nears, they are also taking care of the future by signing a bevy of free agents. The Flames have signed minor leaguers David Moss, Ryan Lannon and Matt Ellis to extensions. ... [more]

Florida Panthers Hit Endorsement Marks - 4/5/2007
Recently, the Florida Panthers managed to meet the requirements of their endorsement contracts with PowerAde and Mountain Dew. The PowerAde deal calls for the team requiring a player 25 or younger who scores 25 or more goals in the regular season. Winger Marek Svatos managed to hit the 25 goal mark recently, which ensures the Panthers receiving $2,500,000 at the conclusion of the season. ... [more]

Rangers re-sign Thomas; ship out Willsie - 4/5/2007
NEW YORK (HFAP) -- The New York Rangers organization announced earlier today that Tim Thomas has been inked to a two year contract extension. Terms were not disclosed. Thomas was slated to become an unrestricted free agent this offseason had he not agreed to terms before this summer's free agency period. ... [more]

Bertuzzi on The Block - 4/4/2007
(HAP) Either due to the relative inactivity of the Flyers in recent weeks or maybe because the trading deadline is nearing, the Flyers sent out a fax this afternoon, claiming to have Todd Bertuzzi available for trade. In return the Flyers are looking for a second line LW and a young defenseman and/or picks. ... [more]

Wild drops the Hamr - 4/2/2007
Minnesota has dealt Roman Hamrlik to the Blue Jackets for Brian Pothier and a 3rd round pick in 2007. This clears some dollars and also picks up a young defenseman in exchange. Minnesota is still looking to deal Martin Lapointe, Martin St Louis and Darcy Tucker. ... [more]

Umberger ends slumps, exacts revenge on Canucks - 4/1/2007
CALGARY (CP): RJ Umberger has flipped between the third and fourth lines this season and has yet to make an impact. An injury a few weeks ago to Pavel Datsyuk saw him temporarily elevated to the second line. In that three game stint, Umberger had only one assist. ... [more]

Kings Deal Captain - 3/31/2007
The era of Rob Blake as captain of the HFNHL Los Angeles Kings is over. Blake has been traded, along with a 5th round draft pick, to the Carolina Hurricanes. In exchange, the Kings receive a first round draft pick (CGY) in 2007, standout prospect Alex Goligoski, and throw-in veterans Mike Rathje and Eric Daze. ... [more]

Blue Jackets - Top 20 Prospects - 3/30/2007
Here is the March 2007 update of Columbus' organizational depth and Top 20 prospects. The trade deadline could still impact this list, and Columbus currently has two first-round selections heading into this summer's entry draft. Organizational strengths - Goaltending, Defensive defencemen, Two-way forwards ... [more]

Eastern Conference Wins All-Star Game - 3/29/2007
DALLAS - The Eastern Conference All-Stars were victorious in the All-Star Game on Wednesday night in Dallas. New Jersey Devils winger Ilya Kovalchuk was named MVP with a goal and three assists in the 6-3 victory. Marc Savard of the New York Rangers was named second star, also with a goal and three assists while the West's Daniel Alfredsson of the St. Louis Blues was third star with two goals. ... [more]

Western YoungStars Victorious - 3/28/2007
DALLAS - The All-Star festivities in Dallas got kicked off last night with the HFNHL's YoungStars Game. The Western Conference YoungStars came away with a 5-2 victory and Edmonton's Alex Steen was named the game's first star with a goal and an assist. The All-Star Game is scheduled for tonight. ... [more]

HFNHL NY Rangers Top 20 Prospects - 3/27/2007
With the HFNHL New York Rangers struggling again this season, it’s time again to look toward the future. The Rangers were able to add several key prospects at the 2006 HFNHL draft in Michael Frolik, Trevor Lewis, Nick Foligno and others. With three picks in the first three rounds in 2007, there should be more quality additions to the prospect pool this summer. ... [more]

Sabres ready to make sacrifices after losing 5th straight game - 3/26/2007
5 Losses in a row. its about as far from the steam train that was the Sabres only a week ago. The team has slipped from being in control of the east to struggling to hold onto home ice advantage, and GM Joshua Pitt is baffled by the turn in fortune. ... [more]

Calgary Flames Top 20 Prospects - 3/25/2007
The Flames system has been depleted this year by the trades of Brett Lebda, Andreas Nodl, Danny Richmond and Danny Syvret, but there is forward and defensive depth throughout the top 20. What is lacking is an elite goaltender. 1) Wojtek Wolski A season after dominating in the OHL, Wolski has scored 20 goals for the Avalanche this season. ... [more]

Kangaroo Court in Session - 3/25/2007
Raleigh, NC - On the heels of making outlandish comments, Carolina Hurricanes GM Dion Ong has hit back on some of the comments made by the media columnists around the traps. Ong is not holding back either in today's media conference. When asked about the team never making the playoffs, Ong quipped,"The team that I have assembled for my coaches have always been to the playoffs and won Stanley Cups except for the fact that the talent level hasn't caught up yet." ... [more]

Florida Panthers Top 20 Prospects - 3/24/2007
With the CHL and NCAA in the playoffs and the AHL nearing the end of their season, it's time to revisit the FLorida Panthers top 20 prospect list once again. Even though it hasn't been a good year for the HFNHL Panthers, it has been a good year for their prospects. ... [more]

Jackets move Kozlov, defeat Rangers - 3/23/2007
CD - Nationwide Arena - Fans in Columbus weren't sure whether to celebrate or grieve after tonight's 4-2 win over the visiting New York Rangers. On the bright side, the victory kept the Blue Jackets alone in 8th place in the West with 56 points in 50 games, 2 points ahead of both Vancouver and Edmonton, who have each played 52 games. ... [more]

Done Deal: Ong - 3/23/2007
Barely clinging to a playoff spot following the back-to-back trades of Martin Brodeur to Philadelphia and Ed Belfour to New Jersey, the Columbus Blue Jackets may have additional players changing addresses. Unconfirmed reports suggest the Jackets may have struck a deal with a Western conference rival, this one impacting the forward ranks. ... [more]

Redden Leaves Beantown - 3/22/2007
Boston (AP) - Beantown gasped at the news of Wade Redden being dealt today. The news hit the town like a fishy wind, bringing some fans to tears and filling others with rage. However, GM Krueger held a press conference to let the fans know that there was some method in his madness - a madness that seemed to creep into the soul of every fan. ... [more]

Swingstein in Calgary During West Trip - 3/22/2007
(AP) Calgary: HFNHL Super Agent Reggie Swingstein was spotted arriving in Calgary today, en route to attending the Flames home game against the Vancouver Canucks this evening. While rumours have circulated during the last week over negotiations involving the league’s top scorer, the surprising Vaclav Prospal, Swingstein would neither confirm nor deny the reports of Prospal’s salary demands or his thoughts on a potential trade. ... [more]

Berard dealt after 8-7 Win over Bruins - 3/22/2007
Richard Jackman sat out and watched his new team win in dramatic fashion over Eastern conference rivals the Boston Bruins. Nikolai Khbibulin was chased after allowing 5 goals on only 9 shots (he allowed 2 goals in the second period despite only seeing 2 shots in the first 8:36 of the period before getting dragged) ... [more]

Philly Sells Out - 3/22/2007
(HAP) Another day, another trade for the Flyers. Another day, another prospect leaves the city of brotherly hate. A source within the Flyers organization has leaked that the team has dealt for a prominant defenseman to stabilize the defense, which the team had hoped Brodeur would have done. ... [more]

League Leading scorer Vaclav Prospal rejects contract offer - 3/21/2007
CALGARY (CP): It didn't take long for word that ruthless super-agent Reggie Swingstein had rejected the Flames contract extension offer to hit the airwaves. The Flames have only lost 3 and tied 1 of their last 20 games... much to the part played by upcoming free agent. ... [more]

Sabres Add veteran blueliner Jackman on eve of all-star game - 3/21/2007
The Sabres made an interesting move today by trading for veteran Thrashers journeyman bluliner Richard Jackman. This gives the team 7 legitimate defensemen and some good insurance in the event of a another horrid run of injuries. Jay Bouwmeester has taken a long time to get close to 100%, while both Hannan and Berard went down during that time. ... [more]

Blockbuster deal coming out of Phoenix - 3/21/2007
Phoenix (AP) - The suspected has happened, and finally Craig Conroy has been delt. His destination? The Carolina Hurricanes who are 1 point out of 1st in the Eastern Conference. "We believe Conroy will be a welcome addition to Carolina on their team potentially centering the Ovechkin line which would be a great honor to him. ... [more]

Coyotes' streak ends at nine Wins - 3/19/2007
Phoenix (AP) - The Phoenix Coyotes' win streak is over... after winning 9 straight games, possibly one of the greatest winning streaks in the HFNHL, was that much more special considering the fact that Phoenix was considered at the opening of the season to be; in most eyes the worst team in the league. ... [more]

HFNHL Red Wings Top 20 Prospects - 3/19/2007
Well since no one was reading my various league prospect updates I’m skipping the CHL update and going straight to the top 20. Organizational strengths: Depth, depth, and more depth - Even some of the ‘honourable mentions’ are on NHL teams top 20 prospects lists; Fast skilled forwards; Good mix of offensive and defensive defenceman ... [more]

Movement afoot in Columbus? - 3/19/2007
Barely clinging to a playoff spot following the back-to-back trades of Martin Brodeur to Philadelphia and Ed Belfour to New Jersey, the Columbus Blue Jackets may have additional players changing addresses. Unconfirmed reports suggest the Jackets may have struck a deal with a Western conference rival, this one impacting the forward ranks. ... [more]

Much Anticipated Rematch turns out to be a fizzle - 3/18/2007
After all the goading and taunting by the Buffalo Sabres in he media after the Ducks chose to play Jussi Markkanen in goal instead of MVP candidate Sean Burke, somebody was going to come out looking like a turkey. Unfortunately for Anaheim, it was Sean Burke's goose that was cooked. Burke didn't even last 5 minutes into the 2nd period before getting dragged after allowing 5 goals on 17 shots. ... [more]

New York Islanders Prospects look good on paper - 3/18/2007
The new spring top 50 list released by Hockey's Future shows that 7 of New Islanders prospects made it in the top 50 with i more honourable mention. The following are the prospects and their new ranking: Tuka Rask - #7 and best rank goaltender ... [more]

Ugly Play has Flames GM Seething - 3/17/2007
CALGARY (CP): The fans continue to stay away from the Pengrowth Saddledome. And perhaps it is a good thing they do. Flames GM Kershaw went on a media rampage following tonights 8-4 victory over the New York Islanders. A rampage that had the GM's profanities littering the hallways under the stands. ... [more]

Irresistable force rolls Ducks without their immoveable object in goal. - 3/17/2007
Sean Burke has been the best netminder this season. Nobody would argue that. Some are looking to names like LaBarbera and Turco, but Burke has been revitalised this season in Anaheim, posting numbers so gaudy vs the rest of the goaltending leaders, that its not even close right now. ... [more]

Tampa getting two top 6 forwards? - 3/16/2007
Rumours in Tampa claims that Tampa Bay has made two trades on friday afternoon. The same rumours mention that the team has traded for one left winger in the top line and a 2nd line rw. GM Martin Sedin refused to comment the rumours ... [more]

Belfour perfect in TO - 3/16/2007
New Jacket Ed Belfour stopped 26 shots en route to a 1-0 victory over the high-flying Maple Leafs in tonight's action at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, outduelling All-Star candidate Tomas Vokoun. ... [more]

Brodeur's Jet Lag - 3/14/2007
(HAP) The Flyers hope that Brodeur is almost over his jet lag after his switch to the East from the West in a trade with Columbus. Although geographically speaking it wasn't much of a distance the Flyers supporters feel that its all in his head. The Flyers sure hope so as he has struggled since joining his new club. ... [more]

Phoenix Coyotes HockeysFuture Top 20, 06-07-Mid-Term Rankings - 3/14/2007
Phil Kessel retains the #1 position on Phoenix’s Top 20 Rankings, however 5 of the top 10 are new, so lets get right to the new look Coyotes’ rankings. GM Says: After a huge scare with cancer, Phil Kessel is back and has really started out where he left off, he continues to progress and get better as the season wears on, and showing that he is healthy. ... [more]

Young Devils taking big steps - 3/14/2007
(NJ) While most of the fans are focusing on the Devils playoff chances this year (the team has an 8 point lead in the division just past the midway point), some of the team's front office is already looking at next season. That's because several of the teams younger players look ready to take a big leap forwards in their development. ... [more]

Predators slide continues - 3/14/2007
4 games into Rick Nash's reign in Nashville, the team has yet to win a game. Nash has settled in nicely, scoring 2 goals and 2 assists on a challenged team, but it was not enough to stop the Predators' losing streak. Last nights close 1-2 decision against the Detroit Red Wings was the Predators 7th loss in a row. ... [more]

Sabres have truly turned the corner after back to back 4-0 wins - 3/12/2007
11 Shots. That was all the Carolina Hurricanes could manage on Sabres goaltender Danny Sabourin. Hardly what you would expect from the top team in the east. The Sabres D, long underrated more because of the number of offensive minded blueliners on their defence has gotten better and better as the season has gone on. ... [more]

Oil Prepare for Last Push - 3/12/2007
To say that the season thus far for the Oilers has been disappointing is an understatement. After being pegged by many to be the pre-season favorites to win the Northwest, the Oil have only been able to remain barely above the 500 mark. It turns out that the strengths of a deep scoring offense have not been enough ... [more]

Coyotes' 1st Round pick available? - 3/11/2007
Phoenix (AP) - With all the talk of rebuilding in Phoenix and the 3 year plan for the playoffs, it's suprising to hear rumours swirling about the potential movement of their 1st round pick which by the time this season is over it appears they'll have a clear shot at a top 5 pick. We asked Phoenix's GM if this was true. ... [more]

Stars unbeaten streak comes to end in a barn burner - 3/11/2007
Dallas, Texas. (AP) - The Dallas Stars league leading 8 game winning streak came to an end last night in a 6-5 loss to the Rangers in New York. The Dallas Stars were looking to go for 9 game without a loss was put on the line last night going in Madison Square Garden last night, but it wasn't in the cards for them. ... [more]

Will Pigs fly in Hog town? - 3/10/2007
Toronto (AP) Nothing will highlight the turn-around of the Toronto Maple Leafs franchise more than passing the 51 point milestone at midseason. If the Leafs can manage to squeeze just two more points from the slumping Sharks they'll have surpassed their last years point total at just the 42 game mark ... [more]

Jackets host Brodeur's new team - 3/8/2007
CD - Columbus - Goalie Martin Brodeur got a standing ovation from Columbus fans this evening when the Flyers' starting roster was announced. In his first game in the city since his trade to Phildelphia last week, normally even-keeled Brodeur was abashed and gratified by the response. ... [more]

Want a towel? Here, have mine - 3/8/2007
The Columbus Blue Jackets, just months after setting records in the Western Conference en route to a heartbreaking loss in the Stanley Cup finals, appear to be stepping back from their long and costly rise to dominance, and are focusing their sights on the future. ... [more]

Nashville Press Conference - 3/8/2007
After a few quiet weeks, the Nashville Predators made a splash on the trade market. 2 big deals were made, both should spark the team's pathetic offense now and in the future. The first deal saw defensive defenseman Chris Phillips, a 4th round selection in the upcoming draft and an undisclosed amount of cash going to Calgary in exchange for offensive defenseman Brett Clark, prospect forward Andreas Nödl and a conditional first round selection in 2007. ... [more]

Sabres lose yet another d-man - 3/7/2007
8-7. Hardly the scoreline you'd have expected 12 months ago, but its safe to say that parity is in, and scoring is definitely up. After blowing Montreal out of the water in the 1st, and taking a 4-1 lead, the Sabres looked to be a little more tired than their north of the border counterparts, and watched Montreal drag the scoreline back to 4-3. ... [more]

Kings Try to Lure Whitney - 3/7/2007
The HFNHL LA Kings are reportedly close to signing prospect Ryan Whitney. Whitney, an offensive defenseman who was picked up in the same deal that brought Gilbert Brule to the Kings, will add some much-needed offensive punch to the woefull Kings. The signing is expected to make captain Rob Blake expendable to the highest bidder. ... [more]

Goalie shakeup in Detroit? - 3/6/2007
Rumblings out of Detroit are that Antero Niittymaki may be on the way out. Sources close to the team report there are two teams in active trade discussions for Niittymaki but there's no word yet on what may be coming back to Detroit or even where he may be heading. ... [more]

Panthers Add A Little German Flavor - 3/5/2007
It was announced yesterday that the Florida Panthers have acquired center/winger Jochen Hecht from the New Jersey Devils in exchange for defenseman Jason Smith. The trade saw the exchange of draft picks, with the Panthers receiving the Devils 4th in 2007 and the Devils receiving the Panthers 2nd in 2008. ... [more]

Calgary trades two defenseman - 3/5/2007
CALGARY (CP): It was a view that Brett Clark has not seen for a while. And that was his teammates on the ice - without him. Clark, and Kevin Dallman, both watched practice from the stands as the Flames prepare to take on the San Jose Sharks tonight. Both players were informed by the GM that they were not to practice with the team until the details of two separate trades were finalized. ... [more]

Devils acquire Smith - 3/4/2007
The New Jersey Devils have added some defensive muscle, obtaining stay at home defenseman Jason Smith from the Florida Panthers. The Devils will also get a second round pick in next years draft. In exchange the Panthers will get forward Jochen Hecht and a fourth round pick in this year's draft. ... [more]

Flyers Acquire Brodeur - 3/3/2007
Flyers Press Conference - GM: The Flyers are pleased to announce the acquisition of Martin Brodeur from the Columbus Blue Jackets. In return for Brodeur we traded away some important assets including Igor Grigorenko, 2005 2nd round pick Michael Sauer, 2007 1st Rd Draft Pick, Eddie Belfour and a conditional 2008 1st round pick if we resign Martin, which the team obviously plans to do in the near term. Questions? ... [more]

Phoenix Continues in the trade market - 3/2/2007
Phoenix (AP) - The Phoenix Coyotes continue to be one of the most active teams in the trade market in the HFNHL. It was just announced today two trades that have big implications on the franchise. They both include youth leaving the team; in the first deal, Phoenix added some defensive ability by adding Cory Sarich ... [more]

Sabres, Isles make blockbuster - 3/2/2007
Something was going to happen sooner or later. With the defending champs adding Jaromir Jagr and Sergei Gonchar (amongst others) in the off-season, there was no way GM Joshua Pitt was going to accept mediocrity from this unit. First came the calls for the coach to be fired, but Pitt stood strong there. ... [more]

Red Wings European Prospect Update - 3/2/2007
In part 3 of 4 we take a look at how seven of the Wings prospects have been faring in various European leagues. Note: The available information is limited on these European prospects and I was seriously considering skipping this one since I don't really have any 'insight' into their play this season. In some cases the information included is based on feedback provided by regular posters on the various HF European league boards. ... [more]

Flames winning ways don't stop the Trades - 2/28/2007
Calgary (CP): Despite a league best 8-2 in their last ten, the Flames have traded away defenseman Dan Boyle and forward Richard Zednik, along with minor league defenseman Brett Lebda, in a cost cutting move to ensure the franchise meets payroll for the remainder of the season. ... [more]

Wescott suspended 4 games - 2/28/2007
What a difference a month can make. Roughly a month ago, the Vancouver Canucks were dead last in the entire league, prompting calls for a firesale and the General Manager's head. Fast-forward to the 35 game mark, and the club is all of a sudden on the cusp of a playoff spot. The club has been lighting up the scoresheet after having virtually no offence early in the year. ... [more]

Who or What Can Right the Sinking Ship? - 2/28/2007
Who declawed the Panthers? That is the question that everyone in the HFNHL community is asking. Florida has not won a game since Day 34 on the schedule and are 0-10-1 in their last 11 games. The Panthers are also dead last in every defensive category in the HFNHL. ... [more]

Predators can't hold on to 3 goal lead - 2/28/2007
2 periods of good hockey is not enough. The Nashville Predators learned that the hard way last night at home and it was tought by young superstar Sidney Crosby and his Colorado Avalanche. The Predators came out flying after having won 4 of the last 5 games and scored a powerplay goal late in the first period ... [more]

Conroy and Hatcher on Phoenix Block - 2/27/2007
Phoenix (AP) - The Phoenix Coyotes have matched their 3 game win streak that they set earlier this season, the entire team is contributing but with the Coyotes still 8 points out nearing the mid way point of this season, and with 2 players who could be highly valued on the trade market, they look out at the 20 or so teams competing for a playoff spot or wanting to take one more push ... [more]

Modano available - 2/27/2007
According to sources close to the team, the Capitals are actively shopping team captain Mike Modano as the team leader has very quietly asked for a trade to a contender. Apparently, the aging but highly rated superstar is not interested in being part of the rebuilding phase in Washington ... [more]

Blues Top 25 Prospects - 2/25/2007
Like most prospect rankings, the Blues have seen some major moves on their top 25 list this season, including a new #1, a retirement, the exchange of five prospects for three via two trades and two new additions, the result of emerging late round draft gems. The 2005 draft class is looking particularly stellar with four players in the top 10 and three others in the top 25. ... [more]

Lehtinen Stepping Up or Stepping Out? - 2/23/2007
After a brief war of words through the media on Tuesday between Lehtinen and GM Niece, Jere Lehtinen has responded with three goals in the past two games after having produced only six in the previous 28 games. On Tuesday night Lehtinen scored twice against the Avalanche and on Thursday night his goal represented a key turning point in a key matchup versus the Blues. ... [more]

The Trough Has Gone Through - 2/22/2007
Raleigh, N.C. - As the Hurricanes prepare for divisional rivals, the Florida Panthers, on the back of a 5-game win streak, it is hard to imagine not long ago, that the Hurricanes looked to be self imploding. After the hot start, there was a period of transition. ... [more]

Marleau is on the block - 2/22/2007
Rumours out of New York is that the General Manager of New Islanders is in discussion with two teams regarding Patrick Marleau. When asked, this is what he had to say: We feel that Patrick Marleau is a world class player but our team is in such a state that we won't be competing for next few years. ... [more]

Red Wings NCAA Prospects Update - 2/21/2007
Detroit only has 5 players currently playing in the NCAA but it is a strong group which is characterized by primarily strong 2 way players which the Wings are surprising finding themselves thin on in their system at the moment. ... [more]

Wescott suspended 4 games - 2/21/2007
Dallas, Texas. (AP) - Duvie Wescott of the Dallas Stars has been suspended for 4 games for what the HFNHL calls "playing too much agressive hockey". Duvie Wescott has been suspended for 4 games by the HFNHL this morning for racking up 22 penalty minutes last night against the Atlanta Thrashers in the Stars 3-2 victory. ... [more]

Panthers Slide Causes Additions to the Trade Block - 2/21/2007
The Florida Panthers are slipping and slipping fast. After losing seven in a row, General Manager Brock Otten has apparently gotten frustrated and is looking to make some changes to his team. The Panthers are apparently open to listening to any offers on forwards Pierre Turgeon, and Scott Mellanby. ... [more]

Sharks GM Not Happy With His Club's Performance - 2/20/2007
San Jose, California - He didn't say much, but he didn't have to. "We (expletive)-ing suck right now, how about we (expletive)-ing win a game and then maybe I wont (expletive)-ing swear so (expletive)-ing much." ... [more]

Denis Parshin notches $1M point - 2/20/2007
HFNHL Rangers prospect Denis Parshin notched his 30th point of the season for CSKA Moscow of the Russian Super League over the weekend. This accomplishment earns $1M for the Rangers as part on the endorsement deal in place with Mountain Dew. ... [more]

Lehtinen Demands Trade - 2/20/2007
Furious over being demoted to the 4th line Jere Lehtinen let it be known through the media that he wants out of Detroit. GM Niece responded by saying that he was disappointed in Jere's behaviour. "This organization is committed to challenging for the cup this season. On any championship team the true leaders are the one's that are willing to make short term sacrifices for the good of the team." ... [more]

Thrashers dealt punishing blow - 2/20/2007
The Thrashers lost the services of their top goaltender Robert esche for at least 2-4 weeks. Only days after Jose Theodore was waived and claimed by the Hurricances. The result is the Thrashers were forced to sign thier first round pick Devan Dubnynk to a three year $800,000 deal to fill the void. ... [more]

Predators enjoy winning streak - 2/20/2007
After Nashville beat the Blackhawks 5-2 to pull ahead 2-1 in the season series, the Ottawa Senators came to town only to be sent back home with a beating. The Predators offense showed some little seen efficiency in this game. Outshot 23-31 by the Sens, the team scored 5 goals on superstar goaltender who left the ice after the 5th goal scored by defenseman Jim Vandermeer. ... [more]

Red Wings AHL/ECHL Prospect Update - 2/19/2007
The following is the first of four parts as we look at this seasons performance of Wings prospects (<25) in the AHL, NCAA, Europe, and the CHL. The grades assigned are not intended to reflect the players potential but simply how they have performed in the current year. ... [more]

Twenty Point night for Flames top line - 2/18/2007
CALGARY (CP): An injury to Jarome Iginla seems to be exactly what the Flames needed. With Milan Hejduk re-united with line-mates Pavel Datsyuk and Vinnie Prospal, the Flames have won three in a row. An 8-4 victory over the Avalanche saw goalie Jason LaBarbera snatch his second win in as many games. The top line combined for twenty points, led by Prospals seven points, and Milan Hejduks hat-trick. ... [more]

New boss in town - 2/18/2007
(HAP) The Flyers have confirmed that the team has held negotiations regarding trading RFA Scott Gomez and a goalie for a starting goalie and a 2nd/3rd line LW. "We really want to keep Scott but the strength of the team is still at centre." Gomez an All-Star centreman is one of the league's best playmaking centres and at 27 years old he's only started reaching his prime years. ... [more]

Hometown Blues in Nashville - 2/18/2007
One day after a strong performance in Detroit where the Predators lost a very close game to one of the leagues powerhouses, they were overpowered by another strong favourite for the HFNHL stanley cup. Outshot 40-26 the Predators were able to keep up with the Blues in the 1st period after Dave Scatchard tallied a powerplay goal only 36 seconds into the game. ... [more]

Gerber huge in debut - 2/16/2007
Phoenix (AP) - It was unknown what would happen with Gerber in his debut with the Phoenix Coyotes, but i think very few expected what happened tonight. Martin Gerber stops all 20 shots by the Phoenix Coyotes in a huge shutout in a 5-0 tonight. "We picked up Gerber because we felt it would improve our team, I think we got our answer tonight." ... [more]

New Treads for the Winged Wheel - 2/16/2007
In just a little over a week the Red Wings have completed 3 deals as they continue to tweak the team. The first deal was between the Wings and Caps which saw underrated Adam Hall shipped out for Kris Versteeg. Versteeg had been on the Wings Radar for also two full years and the team missed opportunities they could have used to draft him and sign him his summer. ... [more]

Here comes the cavalry - 2/16/2007
CD - Columbus - With Columbus climbing in the Western Conference standings, and young power forward Steve Bernier out for weeks with a separated shoulder, Blue Jackets GM Doug Emerson made a move to bring in some help. Coming over from the Montreal Canadiens is veteran forward Andrew Brunette. ... [more]

McCabe on his way to Dallas - 2/16/2007
Dallas, Texas. (AP) - After a dismal start to the season, the Dallas Stars have brought in a franchise defenceman to help anchor their defence in Bryan McCabe. So far this season the Dallas Stars have not met up to the hype of the off season changes made by GM Laurens Thie. "I just don't understand what this team is doing wrong out there. ... [more]

New Growth on the Beanstalk - 2/16/2007
Boston(AP): 2am. History recalls how hard the fall can be. While everyone was sleeping, McCabe slipped out to sea. Perched atop his favourite bar stool at the Rusty Bean, GM Krueger announced a major deal involving HFNHL star defenseman Bryan McCabe. ... [more]

Phoenix Coyotes' Shake things up again - 2/16/2007
Phoenix (AP) - The Phoenix Coyotes have shaken things up quite a bit over the last 48 hours with their trade becomming official by league office, nearly 24 hours ago Phoenix had already acquired underachieving goaltender Martin Gerber off waivers from Calgary. "We were originally looking at Theodore ... [more]

Canucks GM rips superstar - 2/15/2007
It has been a challenging season for the Vancouver Canucks. Pre-season prognosticators had the club as a playoff calibre team, but through the first fifteen games, the club was last in the entire league. Since then the club has picked it up. They have the best record in the Western Conference in the last ten games, including a five game winning streak. ... [more]

Dysfunctional locker room in Detroit - 2/15/2007
It appears the Detroit Red Wings have come down with a terminal case of the St. Louwie Syndrome, an affliction characterised by a collection of overrated, overpriced players, who collectively underachieve. The fever has hit a temperature of 103.5 as they set a new team record of 11 goals against and lost 2 LWers in Lehtinen and Dumont in the process. ... [more]

New boss in town - 2/15/2007
Minnesota GM Greg Dockus had enough of his team underachieving this year and has brought on a new head coach....himself. "Something had to be done, and I did it. I shopped for the groceries, so instead of asking someone else to cook dinner, I'm putting on the apron," said Dockus. ... [more]

Blue-on-blue = A costly three points - 2/14/2007
The Columbus Blue Jackets took three points away from their home-and-home series with their division rivals, the Western conference-leading St. Louis Blues. But the win didn't come cheap, as the Jackets lost Steve Bernier, Mark Bell, Joni Pitkanen and Aaron Ward to injuries throughout the series. ... [more]

Thrashers make moves - 2/13/2007
The Thrashers have been losing money at an alarming rate and now sit at the bottom of the very competitive eastern conference. In an attempt to stop the bleeding GM Ryan Archer has made several moves and opened up talks with several GM's in order to make more moves. ... [more]

As Promised, Flames ring the bells of
- 2/13/2007

CALGARY (CP): It's time for the Calgary Flames management team to take a breath. The flurry of trade activity, waiving players & new signings is almost over. In the past two days, the Flames have pulled off several trades. Outgoing players include Dan Boyle, Jamie Lundmark, Danny Richmond, & Richard Zednik. ... [more]

Flames waive starting goalie - 2/12/2007
Calgary CP - The Calgary Flames, mired in financial crisis, and suffering with poor play from Martin Gerber, have waived the goaltender with the intentions of sending him to the minor leagues. Gerber is the second starting goalie to be waived this week. Former Flame Jose Theodore was waived this past weekend as well. ... [more]

Phoenix Coyotes: Wholesale or Holdout - 2/11/2007
Phoenix (AP) - With the season one third of the way through rumours are surrounding the Phoenix Coyotes about potential moves, rather than being moved at the deadline making deals at this point of the season do make sense. They help teams who are on the outside trying to decide if t hey can contend for the playoffs or should wait till next year ... [more]

Buyer or seller – which Jacket fits? - 2/8/2007
CD - Columbus - The Columbus Blue Jackets find themselves on the bubble. At the quarter pole, the defending conference champs are sitting in 6th place in the West, but only six points separate them from the 12th place Phoenix Coyotes. Not exactly the situation the Jackets and their GM, Doug Emerson, were hoping for coming off a conference title. ... [more]

Record breaking night in Phoenix - 2/7/2007
Phoenix (AP) - THe Phoenix Coyotes just set a few team records in their huge 8-4 win over the New York Islanders. "They are a really good team and i'd expect a different result next time. The Conroy line found a weakness in the Leetch/Mitchell pairing and exposed it, our Powerplay did good and all 4 lines were connecting, ... [more]

Sharks Looking To Meet Up With HFNHL Schedule Makers - 2/7/2007
San Jose, California - In a candid interview today at the Shark Tank GM Dave Astles of the San Jose Sharks asked to have, "Five minutes alone in a closed and dark room." The suggestion was made after realizing his team is going to play 7 straight games. GM Astles was not insisting that he was going to hurt any one, he just wanted to "iron" out a few details ... [more]

Phoenix Coyotes' 1st Quarter Report - 2/7/2007
Phoenix (AP) - The Phoenix Coyotes have successfully completed their first quarter of the season under new General Manager Ryan Yessie with a 7-12-1 record good for 12th in the conference and 6 pts out of a playoff spot.. impressive for a first year GM expected to spend the entire year in the basement, ... [more]

Lightning GM beaten by fellow Swede - 2/7/2007
Kristian Huselius broke out of his season long scoring slump in a fine manner, helping to beat Martin Sedin's Tampa Bay Lightning in Nashville 5-3. Huselius had a goal and 2 assists, Sean Avery added 2 goals and Eric Lindros scored 3 assists - in his last game for the Predators. ... [more]

Sharks Make A Move - 2/6/2007
Anaheim, California - The San Jose Sharks would like to announce the following trade: The Sharks have shipped Mike Ribiero and Scott Thornton to the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for Viktor Kozlov, Greg Johnson and a 5th round pick in the 07 NHL Entry Draft. ... [more]

Rangers 1/4 Season Report - 2/6/2007
NEW YORK (HFAP) -- Now twenty games into the 2006-07 HFNHL Season, it's been a rollercoaster ride of sorts for the New York Rangers. Following a disappointing 1-5 start, the Rangers have had a resurgance, going 8-3-3 in their last 14 games. New York's only loss in their last 7 games was a 4-3 OT loss to the St. Louis Blues in front of a sellout crowd of 18,200 at Madison Square Garden ... [more]

Shake up in Washington - 2/5/2007 word that Washington GM Andrew Chang-Sang hates. His Capitals find themselves in a place they haven't been during his tenure - out of a playoff spot and no signs of performance improvement on the horizon. At a press conference today, GM Chang-Sang had this to say, "I find the team at a crossroad today. We're over the salary cap and not good enough to really compete. ... [more]

First Mellanby, now Leclair shopped? - 2/3/2007
What's happening to the Florida Panthers? First word broke out about the Panthers shopping winger Scott Mellanby and now comes news that the Panthers and winger John Leclair have come to blows about the current state of the team. This morning at practice, Leclair apparently had a meeting with GM Brock Otten, in which the wingers future with the team was discussed. ... [more]

No need for defense when you score nine - 2/3/2007
Earlier in the season its the 1st line with Sedin, Nylander and Hossa who has scored for Tampa Bay but that changed big time late last night when Tampa was in Boston for a game against the Bruins. Even though Boston scored 7 times and Tampas leading line only scored twice, Tampa was able to win the amazing result 9-7. ... [more]

Dallas acquires Backup...Finally! - 2/2/2007
Dallas, Texas. (AP) - The missing piece Dallas has been looking for all season has finally arrived. A backup goalie for Kiprusoff. In the midst of a major slump after a brilliant start to the season has forced GM Laurens Thie's hand and made a move to bring in some relief for Miikka Kiprusoff. Yesterday afternoon the Dallas Stars and the Florida Panthers danced around the trade table again to swap players. ... [more]

Florida Panthers and Scott Mellanby Parting Ways? - 2/1/2007
The Florida Panthers have put veteran winger Scott Mellanby on the trading block. Reports have it that the Panthers have been very happy with the play of some of their 4th liners such as Daniel Cleary and Mark Hartigan and would like to give them a shot to help breathe some life into the teams 3rd line. ... [more]

Thrashers back on track - 2/1/2007
After losing three straight the Thrashers have straightened the ship and are back on track, downing the Flyers and the Hurricanes. Both games were tight 3-2 decisions Esche was instrumental in both wins and has clearly stolen the starting job from Theodore. Esche now has a winning record at 5-4-0. ... [more]

Flyers Looking to Trade for #1 Goalie - 1/31/2007
The Flyers are looking to make a major move and acquire an established #1 goalie. In return the Flyers are willing to part with picks, prospects and/or players based on what is being offered. "We feel we can score goals with the best teams in the league but we're looking for more consistent goaltending," explained GM Mannarino. ... [more]

Sabres and Blues battle it out in another nasty encounter - 1/29/2007
The PIM might not have been quite so high, but make no mistake, this was yet another nasty game between two of the HFNHL's heavyweights. In a battle between last years champs and the team many expect to take their throne, the sides fought to a 2-2 tie. ... [more]

Rangers Defeat Islanders... Finally - 1/29/2007
With a 5-1 victory over the crosstown Islanders, the New York Rangers got their first win over their arch-rivals in their fifth attempt this season. The Islanders have been a thorn in the side of the Rangers all season, but Marc Savard and captain Paul Kariya helped lift the Blueshirts to victory Sunday night. ... [more]

Babcock fumbles lineup card - 1/26/2007
CD - Twin Cities Columbus head coach Mike Babcock doesn't need anyone to tell him what happened tonight in the Blue Jackets' first game of the season agaisnt their expansion cousins, the Wild. "I screwed up", he told reporters following the game. "I missed the deadline for submitting our lineup card. We weren't planning to start Pete (rookie netminder Budaj) again so soon ... [more]

Devils shake up lines after win - 1/25/2007
Despite winning last night, the New Jersey Devils have revamped their lines in an attempt to generate some offense. The top line of Kovalchuk-Drury-Gaborik will be split up. Said GM Rich Epstein "The top line has played well, but nobody else has. Hopefully this will get some guys going." ... [more]

Flames down in Flames - 1/25/2007
Calgary(CP): The Calgary Flames are a team mired in terrible slump. The slump is now six years long - and despite off-season changes - little seems to have changed. Last nights 7-3 win over Colorado aside, the team has struggled to score - and struggled to stop other teams from scoring. Now, long time coach Brian Sutter has found himself out of a job. ... [more]

Franchise PK Record Ends at 32 - 1/25/2007
While no formal records of such statistics are kept, the Washington Capitals last night ended what is a HFNHL Detroit franchise record, and potentially league record, number of successful penalty kills to start a season. The number ended at 32 and spanned 10 and two thirds games. ... [more]

Signs of life in Nashville? - 1/25/2007
The way rookie goaltender Kari Lehtonen has played for the Nashville Predators in the first 10 games of the season could have given him some nice numbers in the "WIN"-column. Instead the players in front of him only were able to help him winning one game. Despite solid efforts on the defensive end. ... [more]

Inconsistency Killing the Cat - 1/24/2007
The Florida Panthers have opened this 2006-07 HFNHL season, plagued with inconsistency. After winning their first two games against the reigning Cup champion Buffalo Sabres and the current first place St. Louis Blues, the Panthers promptly dropped 6 in a row. ... [more]

Leafs rise in the fall - 1/24/2007
(AP) Toronto - Everybody loves the underdog, and the Toronto Maple Leafs are no exception. It's been a long time since fan interest in the franchise has been this high, where now game attendance sits just over 75% despite the sky-high price of $50 a seat. The attendance boost has been so great that the Leafs now sit 2nd in average game revenue and are only one of three teams above the $900K mark. ... [more]

Buffalo Bill plays 10 Q's with Wild GM Greg Dockus - 1/24/2007
We're here to play 10 questions with Greg Dockus, GM of the Minnesota Wild, one of the up and coming forces in the Western Conference. Thanks for giving us the time to do this with us Greg. 1. Now, your Wild have been gradually improving over the last few years, and are now expected to be a feature player in the playoffs for a number of years. ... [more]

Dumont paying early dividends - 1/23/2007
While there has much bemoaning of the teams offensive production, or lack thereof, by the GM, no one can suggest newly acquired J.P. Dumont has not delivered. In his first 3 games he has averaged 2 points per game and the 6 points matchs his 7 game total while with the Kings. ... [more]

Retooled Blues Beat up on Sabres - 1/22/2007
(AP) Buffalo: It didn’t take long for the new look St. Louis Blues to flex their muscle. In this case, the victims were none other than the defending HFNHL Stanley Cup champion Buffalo Sabres in their very own rink. The Blues exploded for five goals in just over five minutes at the beginning of the third period to propel the team to what can only be described as a hotly contested 8-4 win over the Sabres. ... [more]

Three straight for Esche - 1/22/2007
Robert Esche kept the streak alive downing the western Conferences top team. The Sharks were outshot and gave up a goal on their only PK to Aaron Asham which turn out to be the eventual game winner. The Thrashers PP has been the highlight of their season so far at an amazing 27.2%. ... [more]

Moore and Esche shine - 1/20/2007
First year call up Dominic Moore scored four points in the Thrashers second win of the season. Robert Esche also stood on his head to stop the Avalanche in their tracks. The victory was a boost of confidence after being pushed around by the Hurricanes, the Thrashers surrendered 4 losses and a tie to the Hurricanes ... [more]

Predators hit rock bottom ... hopefully - 1/20/2007
Only 8991 spectators at the Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville were asking themselves if their team can fall any further. Entering the season, most fans were confident that there have been put a lot of improvments in place. After 8 games the Predators have only won one game, despite giving honest efforts every game. ... [more]

Roberts taking a bite out of competition - 1/20/2007
San Jose, California (AP) - It seems Gary Roberts has found a comfortable home this season on the San Jose Sharks second line, and may be looking to creep on the first line some time soon. The smooth skating left winger is enjoying a season that sees him around the top of the league in scoring ... [more]

Make fun of our jerseys at your peril! - 1/20/2007
Sure their jerseys don't scream "tough guy" but it seems that the Sabres have decided to become on of the leagues nastiest teams in addition to being defending cup champs. Brooks Orpik was the main offender this time, handing out a couple of beatings of his own, while the Sabres were comfortably beating the Dallas Stars on the scoreboard too. ... [more]

Phoenix Coyotes Weekly Jan 19th - 1/19/2007
Well the Phoenix Coyotes started the season with a blast before going winless in their next 6 games, followed by a win with the Brind'Amour deal possibly working as a wake up call to the team. before being delt Rod Brind'Amour was a workhorse taking up 25-35 mins per game, and lead the team with 10 points in 7 games ... [more]

DET Hires New Health/Wellness Director - 1/19/2007
Detroit today introduced their new Director of Health and Wellness, Mr. Buubuu Begone, to oversee the teams conditioning and medical staff. Having suffered their 4th injury in only 7 games, 3 of them to centres, the team felt a review and reorginazation was necessary. The latest victim was Jozef Stumpel who sees his team leading iron man streak of 260 games (regular season and playoffs) come to an end. ... [more]

Phoenix turns second blockbuster deal in GM's tenure - 1/18/2007
Phoenix (AP) -- It was only a matter of time before star centerman Rod Brind'Amour was dealt, and today it has been announced that he has been moved; to the St. Louis Blues. This deal is probably one of the bigger ones that have occured over the past 12 months in this league, not only because of skill but because of the size ... [more]

Detroit Welcomes J.P. Dumont - 1/18/2007
Detroit today announced the completion of a deal for J.P. Dumont from the Los Angeles Kings. Negotiations had begun at the start of the season and were accelerated as the Wings struggled out of the gate. It is hoped that J.P. will provide some offensive spark for this season and years to come. The deal was a costly one to the team in terms of their future. ... [more]

Sabres win 4 straight after man-handling Coyotes... literally - 1/17/2007
After a shocking 0-3 start to the season, the Buffalo Sabres have now reeled off 4 straight after last nights 5-2 thumping of the Coyotes. The Sabres practically determined the game 5 minutes into the 1st. By then they already had 3 goals past Mike Dunham, who has been shelled routinely by opposing teams. ... [more]

Winged Wheel Gone Flat? - 1/16/2007
Coaches, management, fans, and media alike continue to be bewildered by the lack of offence in the first five games. Despite potentially having the most skilled roster in recent team history the team currently finds itself dead last in terms of goals scored of 1.4 GF/gm and an atrocious PP percentage 04.1%!!! The worst part of the last statistic is that the team is near the top of the league in terms of powerplay opportunities. ... [more]

Mountain Dew status for COL prospects - 1/16/2007
With little over the half-point of most leagues reached, several of the prospects of the Colorado Avalanche have already reached or are on pace to reach stats that qualifies them for the Mountain Dew endorsement. Here's a short view at who have made it and who are on pace for it. Here are the Avalanche prospects from AHL, RSL and SEL who the Avalanche are hoping to bring in some extra money. ... [more]

4 and Oh! Dallas make trade...why? - 1/14/2007
Dallas, Texas. (AP) - The league leading Dallas Stars have just announced that they have acquired Darius Kasparaitis. The league leading Dallas Stars have just announced they have acquired Darius Kasparaitis from the Florida Panthers for Joel Kwitakowski and a 4th round pick which originally belonged to Flordia in the 2007 draft. ... [more]

Nolan, Nedved and Niinimaa available - 1/13/2007
Bruins assistant GM Jack Krueger leaked a message to the league this morning stating that the Bruins are looking to move Nolan, Nedved or Niinimaa. Despite the recent excellent NHL play of Nolan and Nedved, both players have requested a trade and the Bruins organization ... [more]

Injuries force roster changes in Detroit - 1/12/2007
Red Wing fans will see a familiar face centering the top line tonight. Due to injuries to Boyes, who may miss up to a week, and Martin Straka being handled carefully as he plays through a mild injury obtained last night, Jozef Stumpel, the team’s two time leading point producer, will make a return to the top unit. ... [more]

Written by Joshua Pitt

Perfect for Imperfect Team - 1/12/2007
Name the only perfect record team in the Eastern Division. That is right, the New York Islanders are perfect 3-0 after defeating the cross rival New York Rangers twice and Ottawa Senators once. Some sports writer had predicted Washington Capitals to win their division and Islanders to finish last. One of reporter from last night game asked Hasnain Jessa the General Manager of the New York Islanders what he thought of Washington Capitals winning the division ... [more]

Tampa prospect scores for a million USD - 1/11/2007
When Tobias Enström assisted on MODOs 4-1 goal against Linköping yesterday he earned 1.0M USD for Tampa Bay according to the Mountain Due deal. The assist was his 20th point of the season. Before the game was Tobias had another assist and so far this season he has 5 goals 16 assist and +5. ... [more]

Predators get one back - 1/11/2007
It looks like a (more or less) heathly division rivalry is growing between the Nashville Predators and the Detroit Red Wings. In the first game of the season series in Detroit the Red Wings came away with a victory and GM Kapfenberger called his team for a more desperate style of play. ... [more]

Power Outage in Detroit - 1/11/2007
It has definitely been a strange start to the season and while Detroit has started out 2-0 there is more a sense of concern than jubilation in the Detroit locker room. The first two games were both won 2-1 but over two teams that many prognosticators have predicted will finish well below .500 this year. ... [more]

Predators open season on bumpy road - 1/11/2007
The start to Kari Lehtonen's HFNHL career did not deliver the results he expected. Hardly is he to blame for the team's 0-2-0 start, but the young netminder is tough to himself. "I could have made a stop or two more and we would have gotten a win" he said after last nights close 1-2 loss by the hand of the Detroit Red Wings. ... [more]

Slugs win 1st of season - 1/11/2007
I don't know if it was the uniforms that were making the players sick or if they just caught the flu, but the Sabres got off to a really rocky start this season. With coach Craig McTavish sick, the team played Boston on opening night without a whole lot of organisation and structure. The quick start to the season left a lot of the Sabres newcomes with little chemistry, and it showed on opening night. ... [more]

That'll teach you to score goals - 1/10/2007
Shortly after the offensively challeneged Blue Jackets' Mike Leclerc scored his first of the season in a tie with Edmonton, the team announced he'd been traded to conference rival Chicago for checking winger Mike Grier. Columbus takes on some salary, but gets a player they hope will be an important part of their team beyond this year. ... [more]

Panthers Make Big Move - 1/10/2007
The Florida Panthers held a news conference this morning to announce the acquisition of a top 4 defenseman from a fellow Eastern Conference team. The Club announced that they have acquired veteran defenseman Jason Smith from the Washington Capitals in exchange for rookie defenseman Trevor Daley. ... [more]

Rangers Drop First Two - 1/10/2007
NEW YORK (HFAP) -- The New York Rangers opened the 2006-07 HFNHL season in disappointing fashion with back-to-back losses to the New York Islanders and Los Angeles Kings. They take to the ice tonight as they head to Nassau Coliseum to take on the rival Islanders for the second time this season. Tim Thomas will reportedly get the nod in goal over David Aebischer for his first start of the season, and the first of his HFNHL career. ... [more]

Ahoy me matey, I see a Hurricane in the
- 1/10/2007

Raleigh, NC - The season is still young. The Canes have started in the correct fashion with two wins over teams, Phoenix and Nashville, that supposedly will not make the playoffs. This is a stark contrast to last season when Canes were dropping many points to lower rank teams. ... [more]

New look Stars off to good start - 1/10/2007
Dallas, Texas. (AP) - Last night the new look Dallas Start took to the ice and answered a number of doubters about how well this team could play together with a 5-1 drubbing of the Calgary Flames. The Stars came out of the gate a little slow, but once they got a goal past Gerber at the 15 minute mark of the 1st period, they were firing on all cylinders last night ... [more]

Colorado starts the season with a win - 1/10/2007
After a tough battle, including Ballard fighting Shanahan, a fight he lost on points, the Avalanche take a 3-2 win over the Blue Jackets. The Avalanche special teams did a great job with scoring one goal on the 2 power plays they got in the game. The ref was obviously a Blue Jackets fan, or his mothers uncle might be related to the GM or something ... [more]

Kings sit atop Western Conference - 1/9/2007
So much for the critics. The re-building Los Angeles Kings franchise, who were predicted by the experts to be bottom-dwellers in the HFNHL this season, currently sit on top of the western conference standings after an impressive 4-1 victory in the season opener against the NY Rangers. ... [more]

Predators eager to start the season - 1/9/2007
Prior to tonights season opener agains the Carolina Hurricanes, the Nashville Predators were practicing in Raleigh. Spectators were surprised about the tenacity the team showed during scrimmages. "They were going full-speed." one observer said. New captain Rob Niedermayer commented "Yea, we're fired up. We want to play and we want to win. ... [more]

Thrashers Trash Wild - 1/8/2007
The Thrashers opening night was a dominating win over the Wild bringing them back down from their cloud. GM Ryan Archer was please to have his team win it's opening game under his managment. As promised the Thrashers came out roughhousing and during the second period newly signed Dominic Moore, who scored the game winner, had a knee on knee collision with rookie Matt Carle ... [more]

New York Rangers WJC Recap - 1/8/2007
New York had four players represented at this year's World Junior Hockey Championships. Included were two of their top forward prospects selected in the 2006 HFNHL Draft in Michael Frolik and Trevor Lewis as well as one of their top defensive prospects, Jakub Kindl, and forward Marc-Andre Cliche. ... [more]

Wild begin year with dominant win over Edmonton - 1/7/2007
Minnesota couldn't ask much more from opening night. Timely goals and strong defense led the Wild to an easy 3-1 win over the Oilers in Edmonton. Ladislav Nagy and Patrice Bergeron each had a goal and an assist and Martin St Louis had 2 assists to lead the way. Darcy Tucker also banged in a rebound to round out the scoring. ... [more]

PHX GM begins tenure on positve note - 1/7/2007
Vancouver (AP) -- Reporting live following the Vancouver Canucks and Phoenix Coyotes season opener in Vancouver, BC no one expected a 4-1 result, not even the new Phoenix Coyotes General Manager Ryan Yessie despite having recent acqusition Niko Dimitrakos in the line-up. ... [more]

Jackets looking to finish the job - 1/7/2007
CD - Columbus -- NATIONWIDE ARENA -- With the puck about to drop on the new HFNHL season, no team is looking forward to it more than these Columbus Blue Jackets. 2006 saw the Jackets win the Western Conference regular season and playoff titles before bowing out in five games to the Stanley Cup Champion Buffalo Sabres. ... [more]

Colorado Avalanche Season Preview - 1/7/2007
With the season about to start, the worst team in the league in 2005-06 is set to not only make the playoffs, but to possibly make a push for the cup. No longer can the Avalanche be taken lightly and be a points booster for the opponents scoring stars. ... [more]

Colorado Avalanche WJC recap - 1/7/2007
Just like in the previous few years, the Avalanche were heavily represented at the WJC in Sweden with 9 players. While no players made the All-star team, there were a lot of players who performed very good at the tournament, among them 5 were in the top 20 in scoring in the tournament. ... [more]

Minnesota season preview - 1/6/2007
As the season kicks off tomorrow, let's look at the team that lost in the Western Conference finals last year, the Minnesota Wild. "We love our forwards," said GM Greg Dockus. "We have good scoring depth on all 4 lines and we are responsible defensively on all 4 lines. We're young and hungry from last year's Conference Finals where we really got the short end of the stick." ... [more]

Nashville Predators WJC Recap - 1/6/2007
3 Players ended up tied for the scoring lead at the World Junior Championships and two of them are Nashville Predators prospects. Here's the breakdown of how the future Nashville Predators performed at the tournament. USA - Erik Johnson - Erik made a few mistakes early on but once he got comfortable, he was dominant in the defensive zone as well as offensively. ... [more]

Predators shuffle Defense - 1/4/2007
With the new HFNHL season under way, the Nashville Predators remained busy on the trade market. "We are a rebuilding team, we stick to our plan, but we are still somewhat oportunistic. When the chance for a decent deal appears, we will not hesitate to pull the trigger" GM Tony Kapfenberger said. The most significant trade this season involved a long-term Predator. ... [more]

Coyotes Turn 3 deals in 24 hours - 1/4/2007
Phoenix (AP) -- The Phoenix Coyotes are beginning to mix things up in their line-up and with their prospects, here's a run down of the 3 trades. First up was a deal with The Ottawa Senators, Patrick Sharp and a 3rd rounder leave Phoenix and coming back is Niko Dimitrakos, Oskar Osala and a 7th Rounder both picks are in 2008. ... [more]

Panthers announce several minor trades - 1/4/2007
The Florida Panthers held a press conference this morning to announce several minor trades that the club has completed. These trades include several Panther prospects as well as roster players. The first trade the Panthers completed with the Phoenix Coyotes. Here, Panthers farm player David Clarkson was traded for Boston College forward Benn Ferreiro. ... [more]

Thrashers shake things up - 1/2/2007
The new GM of the Thrashers has started to make his mark on the struggling franchise. Realizing that there is little hope for the thrashers to make any noise in this year GM Ryan Archer has made moves to make sure that the team meets the minimum requirements set out by the league and try to improve the team from the inside out. ... [more]

Colorado makes three moves, solves the log jam on goalies - 1/1/2007
In 3 seperate trades Colorado has solved the log jam in goal. After signing Kevin Weekes as a RFA from NJ and Martin Gerber as a UFA, the Avs were sitting with 3 of the top 20 goalies in the league. With holes up front this was a luxury that GM Isopää couldn't afford. ... [more]

Sabres make multiple trades, re-vamp lineup; Sign others. - 12/30/2006
It didn't take too long for the Sabres to make another deal. Arguably the busiest franchise in HFNHL history on the trade front (certainly since Pitt's arrival in late 2001) Buffalo made two more deals over the last week. The first deal was a simple trade. ... [more]

Detroit Has Goalie, dman, and others to package for upgrade - 12/29/2006
Detroit continues to explore options in regards to packaging multiple NHL level players to preferrably upgrade at the LW position for this season but will also entertain offers where the returning player is a solid up and comer for the future. ... [more]

Calgary acquires starting goaltender; expects rookies to bolster roster - 12/29/2006
CALGARY (CP): The Calgary Flames are going to make the playoffs. Not some time in the future. This season. And they made their intent known by trading for starting goaltender Martin Gerber. The trade, Gerber (along with future considerations) was for Jose Theodore and utility 4th line forward PJ Axelsson. ... [more]

Predators Prospects feel-good stories, NHL Edition - 12/29/2006
Corey Perry - Despite not getting much ice time because of playing on a deep team, Perry has managed to score 12 goals and 14 assists in only 39 games and is on track for a career year in every offensive category. ... [more]

State of the Phoenix Coyotes - 12/28/2006
Phoenix (HFAP) -- The Phoenix Coyotes financial situation can only be described as "disasterous" When new General Manager Ryan Yessie took over the team they had $5M in the bank, and were well under the minimum requirement of talent now 2 months later they have just barely reached the minimum requirement, and are up to $7M. ... [more]

Nashville continues to get younger - 12/28/2006
Veteran defenseman Niclas Wallin is the latest casualty of Nashville's rebuilding plan. Earlier today Wallin was shipped out along with prospect Nikita Nikitin and 2 draft picks to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Going the other way are depth defenseman Steve Montador and prospect Matt Jones. ... [more]

Trade done in Tampa? - 12/28/2006
Rumours in Tampa mention that Tampa made a trade a few hours ago to update their defense. GM Martin Sedin refused to comment the rumour and said that he is waiting for approval from the league office before he will say something. ... [more]

Phoenix Coyotes' 2007 WJC Preview - 12/27/2006
The Phoenix Coyotes will have 3 participants in this years tournament, with Phil Kessel being unavailable for the tournament and Ivan Vishnevskiy being a suprise cut from the Russian team. Czech Republic - JIRI TLUSTY - Tlusty will be on a star studded Czech Republic team however it is unknown wether or not he will be playing due to an injury, ... [more]

Detroit Bolsters it’s Blueline - 12/27/2006
Detroit today announced to a surprised media gathering the trade acquisition of Kimmo Timmonen. The deal was a costly one as it sent defenseman Brent Sopel, RW Trent Hunter, and goaltending prospect Curtis McIlhenney to Washington. Sopel, who is currently producing at a career high 0.60 pts/gm pace, confessed he was stunned when he received the call by team management. ... [more]

Brind'Amour/Phillips on the Block? - 12/25/2006
Phoenix (AP)-- Various reports have indicated that the Phoenix Coyotes have been shopping around 2 of their hottest commodities, Star Two Way Center Rod Brind'Amour and Top Defenceman Chris Phillips. Both names have been heard in packages to several potential deals. ... [more]

Nashville Predators WJC Preview - 12/21/2006
Seven Nashville Predators prospects will compete at the 2007 World Junior Championships in Sweden and most of them are expected to play big roles for their respective teams. USA - Erik Johnson - He will share the load with Jack Johnson as the top defensemen for the US team ... [more]

Thrashers GM Settles in - 12/14/2006
After a briefing from the interm GM of the Thrashers, newly appointed GM Ryan Archer is ready to talk to the press. Obviously there is a lot of work to be done here in Atlanta, but I feel that I'm perfect for the job. I bring a lot of experience to the management team of the Thrashers. ... [more]

Florida Panthers Top 20 Prospects - 12/06/2006
The Florida Post is back with an updated top 20 prospects list for the Florida Panthers. If you recall, the most recent top 20 was completed immediately following the completion of the 2006 HFNHL Entry Draft. Now with the season in full swing, a lot has changed in the organizational rankings. ... [more]

Columbus looking for utlity forward - 11/30/2006
CD - Nationwide Arena - Left short by the departure of Rem Murray to Europe, the Columbus Blue Jackets are apparently looking to add a 3rd- or 4th-line forward via trade. "We're not desperate", GM Doug Emerson told reporters. ... [more]

Red Wings Goaltending Pipeline - 11/24/2006
With the the team announcing today the signings of journeymen goaltender Dany Sabourin (1 year) and young up and coming goaltending prospect Josh Tordjman (3 years) it is time to look at performances to date of the potential future tenders in the system. ... [more]

Florida Panther High's and Low's - 11/24/2006
High Points: NHL: Brian Campbell - Soupy takes another step forward this year after breaking out offensively last year. This year he's come back and really rounded out his game. He's been playing nearly 30 minutes a game lately. Dare I say that Campbell is looking like a lock for the all star team this year, and might be rounding into one of the better two way defenseman in the league? ... [more]

Holmqvist back in Tampa - 11/24/2006
Tampa Bay announced today that they have re-sign goalie Johan Holmqvist to a four year deal worth around 550.000$/season. GM Sedin said that he is very happy to have Johan back in Tampa once again. Rumour mention that Tampa will use Holmqvist as the backup for this upcoming season and trade Sebastian Caron for the highest bidder. ... [more]

Bruins Willing to trade top D talent - 11/17/2006
Boston: The Boston Bruins have leaked to the press that they are willing to move top defensive talent if they can fill positions with the right players. The Bruins have needs at all positions, particularely center and a back-up goaltender. GM Krueger stated that he would require a defenseman coming back in any deal that had one of his six dmen moving to another franchise. ... [more]

Hurricane Brewing... - 11/16/2006
Raleigh, NC - As training camps begin to happen league wide, the Carolina Hurricanes will open their camp with many questions and little answers. After being in the playoff hunt for the majority of last season, there is renewed optimism that the playoffs are close at hand. This is new territory for GM Dion Ong. ... [more]

Mathieu Schneider is with a big Capital - 11/15/2006
New York Islanders have traded Mathieu Schneider to Washington Capital in return for Washington 1st round pick in 2007 and a prospect Alexander Bumagin. Mathieu was a great asset for our team and will be missed dearly but he will be better suited for Washington especially after Capital acquiring Mike Modano from Columbus. ... [more]

Mr. Modano Goes to Washington - 11/13/2006
CD - Columbus - Nationwide Center - Monday, November 13 No, it's not a Jimmy Stewart movie. Mike Modano, who anchored the Columbus Blue Jackets' offence during last year's Cup Final run (20 gp 7g 16a 23p), will be wearing a Capitals jersey when he takes to the HFNHL ice this season. ... [more]

Predators Prospects feel-good stories, NCAA Edition - 11/11/2006
Erik Johnson - The first overall pick from the 2006 entry draft is having a solid start into the season. Suiting up for the powerhouse University of Minnesota, Johnson plays on the second defense pairing, gets ice time in all game situations and has scored 1 goal and 9 assists for 10 points in 10 games. ... [more]

Predators Prospects feel-good stories - 11/10/2006
Dan Fritsche - "A change of scenery will be good for both players" that was the consensus opinion among the involved GMs when Erik Christensen was shipped to Los Angeles for Danny Fritsche. Fritsche so far has responded and scored a season high 3 points last night against the St. Louis Blues, only his second game after sitting out 4 because of injuries. ... [more]

Leafs Fall Preview - 11/9/2006
Toronto (AP) There's nothing sweeter then victory, however it must be said that the hope of victory comes in at a distant second. It's with that hope and a drastically changed team, that HFNHL leaf fans approach this up-comming season. Last year saw the loss of the veteran-core of the leafs offense, including the top-line of Sundrom-Robitaille-Miller (who went for a combined 95 points for Toronto) along with depth players such as Aubin and Lapointe. ... [more]

Rumours out of Washington - 10/25/2006
A source close to the team has indicated that the Capitals are finalizing a deal which will bring them a big time defenseman. If this is true, the big question arises around the status of star defenceman Kimmo Timonen. The same source has indicated that GM Chang-Sang will be actively shopping around Timmonen. ... [more]

Kopitar on the block? - 10/20/2006
Phoenix (AP) - With the recent success of Anze Kopitar it may be suprising that his name would be showing up in trade rumours but in fact his name has been thrown around in potential trade talks. Phoenix Coyotes newest GM Ryan Yessie has declined to clearly state wether or not Anze Kopitar is on any official trade block. ... [more]

Phoenix Coyotes announce new GM - 10/19/2006
Phoenix (AP) - The Phoenix Coyotes have announced today the signing of their new General Manager Ryan Yessie. He addressed many issues at todays press conference, including the situation of the Coyote's current roster and development which some observers have said to be in shambles. ... [more]

Preseason Optimism - October Reality - 10/9/2006
To say that NHL training camps were a disappointment for the HFNHL Red Wing Management would be an understatement. While reality dictates that some will have disappointing camps you also expect to have some surprises as well. Unfortunately there was more of the former than the latter. ... [more]

Florida Panthers Season Preview - 10/7/2006
With training camp wrapping up and the new HFNHL season right around the corner, the Florida Post takes a look at the Panthers and their chances in 2006-07. ... [more]

Panthers Announce Trade - 9/27/2006
The Florida Panthers held a news conference this morning to announce the departure of one of their defenseman. Veteran blueliner Aaron Ward is headed to Columbus in exchange for prospect James Neal. Ward, claimed on waivers by the Panthers last season, leaves after half a season in Florida. ... [more]

Conn Smythe Trophy Winner Tarnstrom to leave Sabres - 9/27/2006
After weeks of attempting to keep their playoff MVP in North America, the Buffalo Sabres reluctantly parted ways with defenseman Dick Tarnstrom. Tarnstrom has decided to return to Sweden for family reasons, stating that family comes first. "I wish to thank the Sabres organisation for the opportunities they gave me in my career and to the fans for their fantastic support. ... [more]

Kiprusoff commits future to Stars - 9/26/2006
DALLAS, Texas. (AP) - The Dallas Stars have locked up netminder Miikka Kiprusoff to a lucractive 4 year contract extension which will mean he will not become a UFA and possibly end his career in a Stars Jersey. Late last night Laurens Thie and Reggie Swingstein pun pen to paper on a new contract for goalie Miikka Kiprusoff which will see the goalie stay in Dallas for the next four years making around 5.5 million a season. ... [more]

NY Rangers 2006-07 Season Preview - 9/22/2006
NEW YORK (HFAP) - The regular season is rapidly approaching and the New York Rangers have their roster close to finalized for the upcoming year. Last season was a year of transition for the Broadway Blueshirts, after having several roster players leave to play in European leagues following the 2004-05 lockout. ... [more]

A few Jackets short of a wardrobe - 9/21/2006
CD - Columbus - After the incredible rush of their long playoff run and the crushing disappointment of losing out in the Cup final round, after the high-pressure period of the entry draft and free agency, after numerous trades, the Columbus Blue Jackets needed some time off. ... [more]

Predators net their young star - 9/20/2006
The Tennessean - The Nashville Predators signed a big part of their future to a 2 year HFNHL Entry Level Contract. Kari Lehtonen, the young finnish netminder should be a cornerstone of the Predators for years to come. GM Kapfenberger also signed hulking defenseman Kurtis Foster to one year contract. ... [more]

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